Neighbourhood - What to Consider


Each neighbourhood fits into a particular school zone. It is important to identify which one you are in before purchasing a property. You can typically find more information for each school online. You may contact schools directly for details or to coordinate a visit.

Real Estate Market Statistics

Location is always one of the most valuable factors for real estate. Compare the property prices in the specific neighbourhood as it can vary from others and from the general town. Median selling price, sales volume, and average listing time will give you an indication of how desirable the area is and how quickly homes move. A local real estate broker may provide you with this data.

Neighbourhood Amenities     

Be sure to tour a neighbourhood. Note any amenities such as playgrounds and shops.  Review the characteristics of local properties.  All of this will give you a good understanding of the area prior to playground committing to a property purchase.

Future Changes

Research the general area and the specific neighbourhood.  Neighbours may also be a useful source of information.

Buying a house is an important investment. Evaluating the items suggested here may better protect that investment. Connect with a local real estate agent for guidance on particular neighbourhoods.

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