Babyproof: Properly prep your home

The arrival of a new baby brings many responsibilities, one of which is babyproofing your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your home for your new little bundle of joy:

1. Slam Jam - Install door stops/holders so fingers don't get caught.

2. Tie Up Loose Ends - Tie up blind and curtain cords so they’re out of reach.

3. Cabinet Caution - Make sure cabinets and drawers are equipped with safety latches.

4. Don’t Cut Corners - Cover any sharp corners such as those on coffee tables with foam.

5. It's No Shock - Cover electrical outlets with safety plugs so that they're not able to shove keys or other objects into them.

6. Strong Attachments - Securely tether any furniture that could tip over such as dressers and shelves, so they won’t come tumbling down if your little one starts climbing.

7. Supermax Security - Install a baby gate at the top and bottom of your staircase. Make sure they're attached directly to the wall and not just pressure mounted.

It’s best to babyproof your home before your little one arrives as it'll be the last thing on your mind when you're a tired new parent. Getting down on all fours and crawling around will help you see hazards from their perspective.

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