Living In Toronto - GTA - Explore Toronto Neighbourhoods

The GTA makes up around 6.5 million people in Ontario. Toronto offers a ton of entertainment, nightlife, employment opportunities and more. With the GO Train, VIA Rail, and highways making commuting to Toronto a breeze, more and more people are finding the benefits of living outside of the large city. If you’re looking to move to the GTA you might be wondering what area is best for you and your needs. Here is everything you need to know about living in Toronto and the GTA.

Living In Toronto - GTA - Explore Toronto Neighbourhoods


Toronto is the capital of Ontario. It sits along Lake Ontario. This large bustling city has a population of around 2.8 million, making it the largest city in Canada. Toronto is known for its skyscrapers and the iconic CN Tower. It’s a destination city with plenty to offer for tourists and an incredible nightlife. At the same time, Toronto employs a large chunk of Southwestern Ontario, with many people in the GTA commuting daily.

Living Here

With so many people living here, Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the whole world. Close to half of the population of this city was actually born outside of the country, which is incredible. You’ll be able to hear over 140 different languages and dialects spoken here.

The winters do not get as extreme as other parts of Canada, but you can still expect four very distinct seasons and bitterly cold winter days. And in the summertime, you can expect hot, humid days.

Toronto can be challenging to drive through, but fortunately, the city has a fantastic transit system, making getting around without a vehicle absolutely possible and even easy. They have Subways, which can run as frequently as every 2 minutes during the busiest parts of the day, Streetcars, and Buses. There is also the GO transit system which links downtown to other cities in the GTA and is great for commuters. Toronto is also pretty bike-friendly, with many streets having designated bike lanes.

There’s 30kms+ of an underground shopping complex called The PATH in Toronto. It has shopping and entertainment and links to many subway stations and high-rise office buildings. It’s fantastic in the wintertime!

Toronto is well known for its incredible nightlife and entertainment options. Head to the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley's Aquarium, and the CN Tower when you’re there. It’s also well known as a foodie destination in Canada.

Education: Toronto is home to three incredible universities: The University of Toronto, Ryerson, and York University. There are also a number of community colleges.

Parks and Green Space

Toronto is overflowing with parks and green spaces. There are off-leash dog areas, ravines and natural parklands, zoos and farms, as well as gardens, beaches, and parks and facilities.

Sitting on Lake Ontario, Toronto has 50kms of waterfront, including trails, beaches, and parks! Many of the beaches are swimmable beaches. There are also ferries and marinas on the waterfront.

Within the parks, residents can find arenas, baseball diamonds, outdoor fitness, wading pools, splash pads, tennis courts, sports fields, playgrounds, outdoor pools, outdoor skating rinks, and so much more.

Toronto Real Estate

Toronto Real Estate is still booming.  You can find all kinds of housing options from small apartments and highrises to detached homes and townhouses and everything in between.

Toronto sits along Lake Ontario and offers a variety of housing options with stunning water views.


Ajax is a town east of Toronto and has a population of around 119,000. It was named after a Royal Navy cruiser from World War II and sits on Lake Ontario. It’s a great place for those who work in Toronto but are looking for a less hectic place to raise a family.

Living Here

Ajax offers residents the option to enjoy suburban life as well as the easy transit options to Toronto, but don’t be fooled! Just because you live in Ajax doesn’t mean that you need to travel to Toronto any time you want to have a good time. Ajax has plenty to offer its residents. Enjoy the one million square feet of shopping at RioCan Durham Shopping Center. Head to Endless Fun for 10,000 square feet of indoor playground and party hall, which has fun for everyone, no matter your age. Ajax Down’s is a quarter horse racing track and also has slot machines and dining!

Education: Both the Durham Catholic District School Board and the Durham District School Board service Ajax as well as other areas. There are 39 schools (26 Public and 13 Catholic), as well as 3 French Immersion schools. With so many schools throughout the town, many neighbourhoods have a school (or two) within walking distance for its residents. There is also a Montessori school within Ajax for families looking for alternative education for their kids.

Parks and Green Space

If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors, you’ll love Ajax. With incredible parks, greenspace, the lake, creeks, and the conservation area, no matter where you go in Ajax, you'll have picturesque outdoor scenes. There are almost 40kms of trails that weave throughout the towns.

Waterfront Park and Beaches - Since Ajax sits on Lake Ontario, it’s a fantastic town to live in for those who love the beach. Ajax offers 6kms of waterfront trails, sandy beaches with pavilions and stunning views on the lake.

Neighbourhood Parks - Ajax has a great number of parks throughout the neighbourhood. Those parks have off-leash dog areas, skateboard parks, picnic shelters, playgrounds, athletic fields, and large, shady trees. There are also community pools and splash pads.

Greenwood Conservation Area - The Greenwood Conservation Area is one of the best pieces of outdoor space in Ajax and has almost 300 hectares of stunning green space, nature trails, walking paths, playgrounds, and has Duffins Creek, which is great for fishing.

Golf - Ajax offers plenty of beautiful golf courses. You can enjoy the sunshine, lush greens, and gargling creeks at Deer Creek Golf Club, Riverside Golf Course, Carruthers Creek Golf & Country Club, and Annandale Golf and Curling Club.

Ajax Real Estate

Single-family homes make up the majority of the houses in Ajax. While most of the homes are detached, there is a wide variety of housing types in Ajax. There are detached, attached, townhouses, apartments, and condos for housing types to choose from.


Brampton is a city with a population of approximately 600,000 residents. It’s located between Mississauga and Vaughan, about 40kms from Toronto. It’s known as the “Flower City” because of its Flower Festival and its incredible greenhouse industry.

Living Here

Every year Brampton holds the CeleBRAMPTON which kicks off the summer and is free for all to attend. It has live entertainment, activities for kids, and a bbq. Brampton has plenty of nightlife and entertainment options, including outdoor movie venues, bars, clubs, art galleries, and more.

The cost of living in Brampton is lower than living within the city of Toronto and many people choose to commute from Brampton to Toronto for the higher wages in Toronto and lower cost of living in Brampton.

The Brampton Transit system connects the suburbs of the city and the Greater Toronto Area. The Go Bus can take commuters from York University to subway stations in Toronto.

The Toronto Pearson International Airport sits just outside of Brampton between it and Toronto.

Education: Brampton has some of the best-rated schools in all of Ontario. The public schools in Brampton are part of the Peel District School Board. There are 111 elementary and secondary Peel District schools for children within the city. That school board has a 90% graduation rate. The Catholic school board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, has 44 schools. In terms of post-secondary options, Sheridan College and Algoma University.

Parks and Green Space

There are a plethora of parks in Brampton. The parks have everything from bocce courts, sports fields, playgrounds, splash pads, baseball diamonds, skate parks, tennis courts, multi-use tracks, batting cages, off-leash dog parks, and multi-use courts.

Heart Lake Conservation Park - There are over 169 hectares of environmental space and is part of the Etobicoke Creek watershed. It has an incredible ecosystem with trails, the Treetop Trekking Brampton, a pool, and a splash pad.

Chinguacousy Park - This large, 40-hectare park is a fantastic place to spend a beautiful afternoon. It has a petting zoo, mini-golf, paddle boats and a skate park.

Gage Park - As Brampton’s oldest municipal park, this charming park is the backdrop of many events and concerts. It has gardens, a stunning gazebo, shady trees, trails, a playground, and even a wading pool.

Claireville Conservation Area - Enjoy 848 acres of natural forests, beautiful landscapes, and local wildlife. You can enjoy trails for hiking and mountain biking, as well as birdwatching, the TreeCaching Trail which is a self-guided geocaching tour, and horseback riding in the Claireville Conservation Area.

Brampton Real Estate

Most of the housing available are family homes, both detached and attached. Within the center of the city, there are plenty of Victorian-style houses as well as beautiful older homes.


Burlington has been ranked by Maclean’s Magazine as one of the best communities within Canada. It’s also well known as a great place to raise a family. It sits on Lake Ontario between Oakville and Hamilton.

Living Here

Burlington offers plenty for residents. It’s just 57kms away from Toronto, but you don’t have to leave the city for plenty to do. Burlington has plenty to offer nature lovers with beaches, the natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, and plenty of hiking trails.

There is plenty of fun and entertainment to be enjoyed within the city. Downtown has a bumping nightlife with live music, dancing, and places to drink. There are lots of places to see a live comedy show or catch a movie. You can also find indoor playgrounds, axe throwing, bowling, billiards, and so much more. Canada’s largest Ribfest also happens in Burlington. The city holds many other festivals that include live music, fun, food, and friendly people.

The transit system can also take you to Oakville and Hamilton. There is also the GO Train, Greyhound Bus, and VIA Rail that can take you to Toronto, London, Quebec, and so many other places across Ontario.

Education: There are 29 public elementary schools and 13 private elementary schools for young kids. There are two schools, Martyrs and Maple Grove, that stand out for their standardized testing scores in reading, writing, and mathematics, which goes well above the provincial average.

For higher education, Burlington has DeGroote School of Business (which is part of McMaster University) and is well known for its incredible MBA program.

Parks and Green Space

Burlington has a good amount of parks and natural spaces for residents to enjoy the outdoors and get plenty of physical activity. As it sits along Lake Ontario, there is a large stretch of Burlington Beach.

Lowville Park - This beautiful park is a great spot to enjoy nature. It sits on a creek and has open green spaces, a playground and a baseball field.

Mount Nemo Conservation Area - This park is an absolute must-go for hikers. Mount Nemo is a great place to see nature, to rock climb, and to be surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.

Spencer Smith Park - Located in downtown Burlington, this waterfront park has a pond, a playground, and a Japanese garden.

Royal Botanical Gardens - The gardens are located on the edge of the city at the tip of Lake Ontario. There are 1100 hectares of natural landscapes from the Niagara Escarpment. The Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to visit in every season as the blooms make it a new experience every time you visit. There are 27kms of trails through the gardens.

LaSalle Park - This large, waterfront park is the backdrop of many community events. There is a charming historic pavilion, trails, a playground, a wading pool, and a splash pad.

Bruce Trail - The Bruce Trail has over 900kms of paths across the Niagara Escarpment (from Niagara to Tobermory) and also 400kms of side trails. It’s one of Canada’s oldest and longest footpaths. It goes through Burlington.

Burlington Real Estate

Burlington, because of its close proximity to Toronto, is one of the higher real estate markets in the GTA. 

One of the major benefits of buying in the north end of Burlington, is the fact that many of the homes are detached properties with large, extravagant homes and good-sized properties. These homes are multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom with pools, and outdoor space.

In central Burlington Ontario, you’re going to find the widest ranges of housing prices. From condos, townhouses, apartments, semi-attached, and detached houses, the housing types vary greatly. Many of the homes with yards have well-manicured landscaping.

Downtown and the rest of southern Burlington has a good amount of more affordable housing options. They have a mix of high-end condos, affordable rentals, as well as detached and semi-attached housing options.


Etobicoke was once a farming community. Then it was a borough within Metropolitan Toronto (along with Toronto, York, East York, North York, and Scarborough). Finally, the boroughs amalgamated to become the unified Toronto. Etobicoke is now a suburb within Toronto that has over 300,000 people living within it.

Living Here

This large neighbourhood has plenty of entertainment options. You can enjoy movies, theatre, cafes, live music, night clubs, and Pursuit OCR, which is an indoor obstacle course.

It’s also a great place to raise a family, with decently low crime rates and the fact that it has the lowest population density compared to the other former boroughs of Toronto.

The TTC has plenty of bus routes throughout the neighbourhood, including express buses. There is also the subway line and Go Transit. Staying connected to downtown and surrounding areas is easy in this neighbourhood.

Education: The four school boards are Toronto District School Board (public), Toronto Catholic District School Board (Catholic), Conseil Scolaire Viamonde (French), and the Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-Sud (Catholic French). There are plenty of schooling options for families throughout the neighbourhood.

For higher education, there are plenty of options within the neighbourhood, including Humber College, Academy of Learning College, Canadian College of Business Science & Technology, as well as the University of Guelph-Humber.

Parks and Green Space

Etobicoke has plenty of parks for residents to escape to and enjoy the great outdoors. With part of the neighbourhood along the lake, there are beaches and waterfront parks to enjoy. There are also plenty of gardens, hiking trails, green spaces, playgrounds, dog parks, and more for residents to enjoy. This neighbourhood has plenty of opportunities for living an active lifestyle.

Humber Bay Parks - You can find wonderful hiking and picnicking here. Since it sits on Lake Ontario, there are incredible views and is an amazing place during sunset and sunrise. For spectacular views of Toronto’s skyline head to Sheldon Lookout.

Humber Arboretum - There are trails to explore as well as workshops about gardening, beekeeping, and more!

South Humber Park - This historical trail is great for biking, hiking, running, and even snowshoeing.

Mimico Waterfront Park - Set on the water, you can hit up the beach, boardwalks, trails, and wetland habitat.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park - This park hosts the annual Bird Festival and is a wonderful place for bird watching. There is also an off-leash dog park as well as a trail for ice skating, a trail for cycling, running, and hiking.

Marie Curtis Park - This family park is a great place to spend a day of fun in the sun. Enjoy a pool, beach, off-leash dog area, picnic spots, walking trails, and a playground.

Centennial Park - This busy park has playgrounds, baseball diamonds, picnic areas, a wading pool, and sports facilities.

Etobicoke Real Estate

This neighbourhood offers the opportunity for people to live in Toronto and enjoy a home with a yard as well as the opportunity to live close to beaches and the lake.



Guelph is located west of Toronto, about 100kms away. The city is known as The Royal City. It has been rated, time and time again, as one of the best places to live in Canada, because of the low crime rate, high standard of living, and clean city. It has a population of under 150,000 people.

Living Here

Being a smaller city, Guelph has a “small town” feeling to it and the people are quite friendly. Downtown Guelph is where you’ll find the best restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment. Check out their Harry Potter inspired brunch place, Lumus and Nox Breakfast House & Chamber of Spirits, or head ove4r to The Round Table Board Game Cafe and Tavern for drinks, food, board games, and friends all in one place. For unbelievable french pastries head to Eric the Baker.

Transportation: Guelph has the VIA Rail, GO Train, and the Greyhound to take you from there to other parts of Ontario. For getting around within Guelph, there is a fantastic biking infrastructure built into the city’s streets. There is also city transit.

Education: There are two main school systems in Guelph: Wellington Catholic District School Board and the Upper Grand District School Board, offering plenty of schooling options for families in the city. There are multiple high-ranking elementary schools within the city, including Sir Isaac Brock, Edward Johnson, St. Ignatius of Loyola, and Westminster Woods.  There are also three private schools: Woodland Christian High School, Orangeville Christian School, and Montessori School of Wellington.

Guelph has a high percentage of the population that has graduated from University with a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The University of Guelph, which is well known for its horticultural program as well as its veterinary program, is one of the options for higher education for residents. There is also the University Of Toronto Press Higher Education Division.

Parks and Green Space

There are two rivers that run through the city: Speed and Eramosa. There are also forested areas, creeks, and trails, giving the residents plenty of opportunities to live healthy, active lifestyles, as well as enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes that this great country provides.

Within the city, you can find skateparks and off-leash dog parks, as well as plenty of natural green spaces. There are also multiple trails throughout the city.

Exhibition Park - This large park has a natural playground as well as baseball diamonds, a soccer field, tennis courts, a natural ice rink, a wading pool, as well as trails.

Waverley Park - There is a splash pad, baseball diamond, playground, natural ice rink, and soccer fields.

Silvercreek Park - Along with trails, soccer fields, pavilions, and a skatepark, Silvercreek also has a designated turtle nesting area.

Riverside Park - Riverside Park is one of the most popular parks in the city. It has trails, disc golf, baseball diamonds, picnic shelters, playground, off-leash dog area, and a natural ice rink.

The Arboretum - These botanical gardens have fountains, wooden bridges, sculptures, paths, and all kinds of natural beauty. It’s the perfect place to spend a day exploring and taking in the sights.

Guelph Lake Conservation Area - There are plenty of trails and beautiful nature. You can also camp, bbq, swim, fish, canoeing, and more!

Guelph Real Estate

You can find older builds and modern new builds. You can find stunning landscaping or properties with smaller lots.


Hamilton is known as “The Hammer” and “Steeltown” because of its bustling steel industry. There is a love of football and plenty of support for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who have won the Grey Cup eight times. It’s less than 70kms from Toronto and sits on Lake Ontario.

Living Here

There are plenty of festivals throughout the year that are held in the city, including Festival of Friends, FrancoFEST, and more!

There is plenty to do for nightlife, shopping and entertainment. There are multiple malls, such as Lime Ridge Mall which has 163 stores. Hess Village is a great place to experience nightlife because they have events on a weekly basis. You can find many different cultural food options in Hamilton’s restaurants.

Toronto is under an hour away, making it a city that is appealing for commuters.

Education: The two English school boards in the city are Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, which has 88 elementary and 15 secondary schools, and the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board, which has 48 elementary and 7 secondary schools.

The two French school boards are Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-Sud, and Conseil Scolaire Viamonde.

For higher education, there is McMaster University, Mohawk College, Redeemer University College, Brock University, and College Boreal.

Parks and Green Space

There are 3840 acres of parkland from 394 parks in Hamilton. You can see trails, playgrounds, ponds, sports fields and courts, and more. Since it’s situated on Lake Ontario there are plenty of waterfront outdoor adventures to be had and beaches to enjoy.

Hamilton offers plenty of outdoor fitness opportunities, such as free yoga classes outside of City Hall. There are also four designated tobogganing hills, outdoor skating rinks, and multiple fitness trails that have QR technology with three different skill options.

There are over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton. They have more than 16 trails and some of the trails connect to the Bruce Trail and the Trans Canada Trail.

Hamilton Real Estate

There are plenty of family-oriented areas throughout the city but there are also places where young singles or retirees can thrive and feel at home. There are beautiful homes with waterfront property. You can also find plenty of highrises, townhouses, condos, multi and single-family dwellings.


Kitchener sits west of Toronto, a little over 62kms away. It was originally called the town of Berlin. It, along with Waterloo and Cambridge, is known as the “Tri-Cities Region”. Kitchener has plenty of artifacts displayed throughout the city that show off its proud heritage in manufacturing.

Living Here

Kitchener offers a diverse range of entertainment for its residents: from hiking outdoors to viewing art galleries. Kitchener is rich in art culture and holds many festivals and events throughout the year.

The Kitchener Market is a covered market that runs all year on Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm with over 80 vendors. You can find handmade baked goods, local produce and meats, local honey and flowers, specialty foods, prepared foods, as well as cheese, eggs, and fish.

Center In The Square is a large and bustling state-of-the-art performance art centre. The facility has amazing acoustics and is renowned, being one of the top performance centres in North America. In one year the Center in the Square hosts over 150,000 people in more than 158 events.

Education: Conestoga College is a leading Canadian institute in the field of polytechnics. Chefs and Cooks will love the esteemed Liaison College. There is also Medix College, which is a fantastic choice for those wanting to enter the healthcare industry.

Parks and Green Space

Kitchener has over 125kms of trails throughout the beautiful city for walking, running and cycling. The city also has 50 sports fields, skateparks, sports courts, and golf courses, making getting active and enjoying the great outdoors easy for residents all over the city. There are also plenty of splash pads, public pools, and wading pools for days when the sun is hot and some cooling down is in order. Kids will love the play structures and swings in many of the parks. There is also plenty of outdoor fitness equipment and the McLennan Park BMX Trail!

Grand River - The Gran River has 300kms of flowing water through Southwestern Ontario. It flows through Kitchener, providing fishing, water fun, and tranquil views.

Rockway Gardens - Located on Floral Crescent, these stunning, tranquil gardens are the perfect place to explore the beauty and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. These colourful gardens have a lily pond, plenty of flours and plants, and a picturesque bridge.

Kitchener Real Estate

Some neighbourhoods have beautiful older homes with large, mature trees lining the streets. There are neighbourhoods within the city that are very popular with families, such as Country Hills and Glen Cairn. Cherry Hill is a fantastic neighbourhood to find more affordable multi-family dwellings. 


There are more than 350,000 people living in Markham Ontario. It’s located in the heart of the GTA, just 30kms away from Toronto’s downtown core. The city is known for its incredibly diverse community. It also has award-winning community planning and community services. Its strong local economy and rich history is part of why many people choose to call Markham home.

Living Here

Residents in Markham can enjoy multiple events throughout the year, such as the Taste of Asia Festival, Markham Jazz Festival, and Markham Festival of Lights.

Markham Museum - The museum is a great place to learn about Markham’s rich history. This large, 25-acre site has changing exhibits, school programs, programs for the public, events, research facilities, and is also an event venue that you can rent.

Flato Markham Theatre - Markham hosts more than 300 live performances each year. It’s one of Canada’s top theatres. It offers incredible programs and camps for children and the community.

Education - Students in Markham have a high rate of attending University after graduating from high school. There are no post-secondary institutions in the city, although there are plenty in the GTA. For public school, families can send their children to public, Catholic, Francophone, and Catholic Francophone schools. There are also a number of private schools in the city as well.

Parks and Green Space

Markham has 22kms of pathways for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. The parks in Markham are meticulously well maintained. They offer sports fields and courts, picnic shelters, playgrounds, off-leash dog parks, splash pads, pools, wading pools, an outdoor skating rink, and plenty of shady trees to enjoy a good book under.

There are natural green spaces in the city, including ravines, valleys, and woodlands. These natural spaces are home to many different species of plants and animals.

Milne Dam Conservation Park - This park has 305-acres of beauty. It has thick, forested areas, and the Rouge River runs through it. There are trails, plenty of birdwatching opportunities, picnic areas and shelters, and is fantastic for fishing, hiking, and cycling.

Markham Real Estate

Because the city has been growing and is projected to continue growing, rapidly, it comes with a comparable price tag to Toronto. There are many more low-rise housing options in Markham than in Toronto as it is a city that attracts many families. Markham has historic neighbourhoods with stunning homes. While many of the neighbourhoods have smaller lots, which means less maintenance, you can find some neighbourhoods with larger, beautiful lots.


Milton is a town that’s located between Mississauga and Hamilton. Its population grew by 71.4% from 2001 to 2006. From 2006 to 2011 it grew again another 56.5% and now sits over 110,000 people.

Living Here

With plenty around to live healthy, active lifestyles, Milton is a youthful town with the median age being about 34. It’s also a highly educated town, with over 70% of residents having completed post-secondary education. There are plenty of schools and playgrounds for children. The Milton Sports Centre and Centre for the Arts are both state-of-the-art. Main Street becomes a bustling Farmer’s Market from May to October.

Milton brings the most beautiful balance of town and city life with plenty of amenities and green space for its residents, an easy commute to Toronto, and small-town charm.

Education: Milton has fantastic public and Catholic elementary and secondary schools. E.W. Foster Public School was ranked as one of the top public schools and is renowned for its French Immersion program. It also has E. C. Drury School for the Deaf as well as some private school choices.

Milton Education Village is under development to bring post-secondary education into the town.

Parks and Green Space

Milton is a beautiful place to live if you enjoy nature. On top of the neighbourhood parks with playgrounds and sports fields, there are numerous golf courses as well. Even more, there are multiple conservation areas surrounding this beautiful town.

Kelso Conservation Area - This beautiful escarpment is a great place to enjoy active outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, and swimming.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area - The natural beauty of Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area is hard to match. It’s a wonderful place for hiking, rock climbing, as well as camping. The breathtaking scenic views from high up are absolutely memorable.

Hilton Falls Conservation Area - These beautiful waterfalls offer a gorgeous hiking experience. There is a stunning site of an old mill ruin next to the waterfall. There is also cycling and skiing here. There are picnic tables along the way.

Crawford Lake Conservation Area - This Iroquoin heritage site has a beautiful canyon lookout. This large park has 19kms of trails and a visitor’s center to help you orient your visit.

Glen Eden - This stunning park and ski resort offers plenty of options for snowboarders and skiers. It also has 12 trails, a park, and even dining options!

Milton Real Estate

The neighbourhood of Old Milton offers charming historic homes, farmer’s markets, cafes, and parks. If views are important to you, look to the Scott neighbourhood with lots of green space, newer builds, and views of the Niagara Escarpment. The Coasts neighbourhood is fantastic for commuters with easy access to the highway and bike lanes. Bronte Meadows is great for those with active lifestyles as it has many parks and sports clubs as well as easy access to downtown.


Mississauga sits on Lake Ontario, right beside Toronto. It has over 800,000 people. It’s a bustling city. The Mississauga Celebration Square hosts multiple festivals throughout the year.

Living Here

For many people who live in Mississauga, commuting to Toronto is a regular event. The GO Train has multiple locations in Mississauga. The Toronto Pearson International Airport is also situated within Mississauga.

Mississauga has wonderful nightlife and entertainment options. There are plenty of large shopping centers and fun to be had. Visitors will love going to Playdium Park, iFLY Toronto Indoor Skydiving, and Skyzone Trampoline Park.

Education: There are plenty of school options for families in Mississauga. For Private Elementary and Secondary schools, some of the top schools are St. Jude Academy, Star Academy, Primary Prep Academy, Lynne-Rose Heights Private School, Kendellhurst Academy, Holy Name of Mary College, Peel Montessori, and La Villa Montessori.

For the top Catholic Elementary and Secondary schools you can find St. David of Wales, St.Rose of Lima, St. Marcellinus, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, St. Helen, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

For top Public Elementary and Secondary schools in Mississauga, there is Tecumseh, Forest Ave, John Fraser, Woodlands, Cawthra Park, Plum Tree, Kenollie, and Lorne Park.

For Post-Secondary there is Sheridan College and the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Parks and Green Space

There are a number of neighbourhood parks throughout the city. Along Lake Ontario is plenty of waterfront parks. There are a number of notable parks, including...

Lakefront Promenade Park - This park is a great place to stay active and healthy. It has trails, beach volleyball, a boardwalk, a marina, and picnic areas.

Jack Darling Memorial Park - Large park on the Lake with a dog park, playground, splash pad and picnic area.

Erindale Park - Erindale Park has 222 acres of beauty. It offers a playground, grills and picnic tables, trails, and a toboggan hill.

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area - For birdwatching and watching trails head to the beautiful natural area of Rattray Marsh Conservation area.

Karlya Park - The Japanese-inspired gardens of Karlya Park has a duck pond, walkways, art structures, and beautiful green space.

Lake Aquitaine Park - This stunning natural area is situated on a lake and is fantastic for fishing, hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.

Mississauga Real Estate

For young professionals, Cooksville is a desirable neighbourhood in Mississauga because it has plenty of high-rise condos and rentals.

Erin Mills is another notable neighbourhood. Developed by Cadillac Fairview Corporation, Erin Mills was originally 8000 acres of farmland. Just 20 miles away from downtown Toronto, this neighbourhood is a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial.


Newmarket is a town North of Toronto. Its population is less than 90,000. MoneySense Magazine has named it one of the Best Places To Live In Canada. Its location is removed from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities and places it close to the cozy lifestyle of cottage country.

Living Here

Newmarket has plenty of events that bring the community together throughout the year. Many free festivals and events are held, such as Kids Around Town, Moonlight Movies, and Discovery and Adventure Night. Dog owners love the New’bark’et event which is for dogs and their owners. The event even has a dogs-only pool!

For entertainment and shopping, Richmond Hill is close by, but residents don't have to leave the town for shopping and entertainment. Upper Canada Mall is a 8200,000 square foot retail space and has a 950-seat food court. Holland Marsh Wineries is a great place for tours and tastings. Main Street is a charming downtown with cute boutiques and cafes. Market Brewing Co. is a local craft brewery that has live music every weekend and Trivia nights on Tuesdays. They offer samplers so that you can try all kinds of delicious beers and ciders. The NewRoads Performing Arts Centre provides incredible, high-quality entertainment. 

Education: There are two main school boards within Newmarket: York Region District School Board and the York Catholic District School Board. For public school, there are 15 elementary and 4 secondary schools. For Catholic schools there are 6 elementary and one secondary. For post-secondary schools, Pickering College and a campus of Seneca College are available for Newmarket residents.

Parks and Green Space

Newmarket has plenty to offer residents in terms of parks and green space. There are multiple neighbourhood parks and natural areas throughout the town.

Some of the highlights are:

Mabel Davis Conservation Area - This 7-hectare conservation area is a natural oasis. It’s home to a large range of plant and animal varieties. It has a 1.4 km trail that follows the banks of the East Holland River.

Fairy Lake Park - This is a 13.4-hectare park. It has trails, a playground, adorable bridges, picnic areas, and also hosts numerous events.

Frank Stronach Park - This park has a beautiful splash pad, multiple play structures, covered picnic areas, and lots of green space for family fun.

Wesley Brooks Conservation Area - This beautiful scenic natural area has trails, a playground, and wetlands. It’s also a place for concerts and seasonal events.

Bailey Ecological Park - This is a great place to walk, hike, and bike with plenty of trails. It also has some beautiful art structures and a creek that flows through.

Newmarket Real Estate

For neighbourhoods where the residents are mostly over 40 you can head to Glenway Estates, Central Newmarket, and College Manor. For younger families, Summerhill Estates, Woodland Hill, Stonehaven, and Huron Heights-Leslie Valley are the neighbourhoods. Older families tend to head to Bristol-London and Armitage.


North York

North York is one of the six major districts in Toronto and is one of the more beloved of Toronto's suburban districts. It was originally created as a township in 1922.

Living Here

Toronto’s downtown core is easily accessible from North York by Line 1 of the subway. As a multi-cultural district, North York holds many events all throughout the year, celebrating different cultures. These events, such as The Hispanic Fiesta, Aloha Fest, Korean Harvest Festival and the Iranian Festival, are wonderful to attend each year.

Some of the major draws into North York for both visitors and residents are: the Ontario Science Center, CF Fairview Mall, Aga Khan Museum, and the Yorkdale Shopping Center. The Downsview Airport is also located in North York.

Education - The North York Board of Education offers 18 public Elementary Schools and 19 public secondary schools. There are a number of private schools offered in North York: Magnificent Minds, AVRO Academy, Central Montessori School, Blyth Academy Downsview Park, and Webtree International School of Excellence. There are also a couple of french-speaking schools, such as Ecole Etienne Brule.

For higher education, York University and the Centre for Education at North York General Hospital are located within North York.

Parks and Green Space

Between the neighbourhood parks, the multiple golf courses, the trails, and the natural green space throughout North York, residents can enjoy healthy active lifestyles outdoors.

G Ross Lord Park - This park has trails for walking and biking. It also has a pond (which is great for fishing), sports fields, and a dog run.

Downsview Park - This used to be a military base and is now a sports complex, a lake, and forests.

Charles Sauriol Conservation Area - This beautiful natural area has forested spots, wetlands, a trail system, ponds, and has plenty of wildlife and vegetation to take in.

Edwards Gardens - These beautiful botanical gardens have stunning colours, beautiful flowers, fountains and sculptures, and even a gift shop.

North York Real Estate

The most common housing types in North York are both detached single-family homes and apartments. 



Oakville sits on Lake Ontario between Burlington and Mississauga. Even though it’s a city, it has the feel of a small town. Its population sits just under 200,000 people. It is just 30kms from downtown Toronto and has quick and easy access to the highway.

Living Here

It scores high in the Best Places To Live ranking, and is known as one of the best places to retire and best places to raise a family. The average household income sits well above six figures.

Fun fact! Oakville is such a beautiful and picturesque city that it has been a backdrop for multiple major motion pictures, including The Santa Clause and Dream House!

Oakville hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, including the Love of the Arts Festival, Midnight Madness, Oakville Family Ribfest, and the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival. Oakville also has the Oakville Museum and the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.

Old Oakville is on Lake Ontario and has a charming, quaint village vibe to it. You can find tasty restaurants, adorable cafes, unique shopping, and high-end boutiques. It also has the Oakville Harbour, historic buildings and art galleries.

Education: The four school districts in Oakville are Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-Sud De L’Ontario, and Conseil Scolaire Viamonde. There is a higher percentage of students in Oakville that have post-secondary education levels than in the rest of Ontario.

You can also find a wide range of independent schools in Oakville. Those schools include religious-based, single-gender, Montessori, International Baccalaureate, boarding schools, and schools for students that have special needs.

For post-secondary education Oakville has Sheridan College and Appleby College.

Parks and Green Space

Oakville offers plenty of green space and neighbourhood parks to residents. With so many options throughout the city, residents can easily live healthy, active lifestyles. The Trans Canada Trail runs along Oakville. There are also a couple of beaches in Oakville. Some of the top parks in the city are:

Lions Valley Park - Sixteen Mile Creek runs through the park. It has stunning hiking trails, green space, picnicking areas, and plenty of fishing options.

Coronation Park - With beautiful views of Lake Ontario, this park is the perfect place to bring the family. It has a playground, volleyball nets, splash pad and lots of beautiful green space. The Waterfront Trail also goes through Coronation Park.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park - Located on Lake Ontario, this stunning park has a trail, gazebo, green space, harbour, and a playground with swings.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park - This beautiful large park is a fantastic place to camp. It had yurts, a nature centre, walking trails, and even a farmhouse.

Fortune Mile Creek Lands - This beautiful natural space has stunning views of the creek as well as trails.

Oakville Real Estate

You can find stunning lakefront mega-mansions and homes that back onto stunning golf courses.


Historically, Pickering was occupied by the Iroquoian-speaking Huron. Part of the city sits on Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto’s suburban district, Scarborough.

Living Here

Pickering Museum Village

The Pickering Markets.  Both the 401 and the 407 cross through Pickering.

Parks and Green Space

Pickering has plenty to offer its residents in terms of parks and green space. It has numerous golf clubs in and around it. As it sits on Lake Ontario, there are plenty of beaches and waterfront parks. There are also forested areas and neighbourhood parks.

Beachfront Park - Along with beautiful beach access, this park offers the Waterfront Trail, picnic tables, a playground, and volleyball courts.

Petticoat Creek Conservation Area - Wide-open green space, picnicking areas, large, mature trees. There is the Waterfront Trail that is great for walking, biking, and jogging. Petticoat Creek flows through this stunning natural area. There is plenty of wildlife in the natural wooded areas. In the park area there is an outdoor pool, playground, and a splash pad.

Altona Forest - This forest is 102 acres of beauty. Noted as an Environmentally Significant Area, there is a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife there. The extensive trail system is fantastic for hikes and birdwatching.

Pickering Real Estate

East Pickering has a wide mix of housing types and sizes. You can find more affordable options on this side of Pickering. It’s also closer to many of the city’s main amenities.

West Pickering is more suburban with plenty of detached single-family properties and quiet, family-friendly streets. This area tends to attract plenty of families.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is situated in a central spot in the GTA, making taking the transit systems and highways incredibly convenient throughout the city. It sits between Vaughn and Markham, and Newmarket and North York. It has grown rapidly since the 1990s.

Living Here

Staying healthy and active is easy to do for cyclists in Richmond Hill. There are plenty of bike trails, bike racks, and lockers throughout the city, so getting around and keeping all of your gear safe is easy.

There is plenty to do in Richmond Hill. The David Dunlap Observatory is located in Richmond Hill and has the largest telescope in Canada. There are a number of fantastic golf courses to enjoy. Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts is a 400 square meter facility in downtown. It hosts all kinds of performances like comedy acts, concerts, and more. During the summer, you can head there to enjoy free Jazz concerts on Tuesday nights.

Education: Families will enjoy the large number of schools throughout the city. The York Region District School Board has 6 secondary schools and 28 elementary schools in Richmond Hill. There are also two additional secondary schools in Richmond Hill that are part of the York Catholic District School Board. For private school options, families can look to Academy for Gifted Children - P.A.C.E, TMS, Richland Academy, Century Private School, Prestige School - Richmond Hill Campus, Richmond Hill Montessori Private School, Holy Trinity School, and Toronto High school.

While there are no post-secondary educational institutions in Richmond Hill, the incredible transit system makes commuting to post-secondary schools in Toronto a great option.

Parks and Green Space

Richmond Hill is a fantastic city for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. There are 26 public tennis courts in total throughout Richmond Hill. There are a number of convenient neighbourhood parks with playgrounds and sports fields for families to enjoy time together in the sunshine. Eyer Ropes Challenge Course is a high and low ropes course that gets you outside, enjoying nature, and challenging your body and mind. There are three recreational parks situated on Wilcox Lake, which provides a beautiful water backdrop and fun activities.

Some of the more notable parks and green spaces include:

Wilcox Lake - Wilcox Lake is a fantastic spot for a picnic lunch, an afternoon of canoeing/kayaking, or fishing for largemouth bass, yellow perch, and northern pike. It has walking paths, a splash pad, and play structures.

Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park - This 41-hectare park has sports fields, baseball diamonds, shaking arenas, skatepark, waterpark, and plenty of sheltered picnic areas.

Mill Pond Park - This stunning and tranquil park has a gazebo, boardwalk, and picturesque pond. If you’re looking for photo opportunities, you’ll want to head here.

Phyllis Rawlinson Park - If you’re looking for a park to spend the afternoon enjoying the sunshine then head to Phyllis Rawlinson Park where there are spots to set up a barbecue. There is also a community garden, historic structures, and an off-leash dog area.

Richmond Hill Real Estate

The neighbourhood of Mill Pond has plenty of rural nature around it which makes it a prime location for people to build large, spacious homes. Because of this, there are plenty of beautiful, large, modern homes built in this neighbourhood with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and all the luxuries of newer builds.

If you’re looking for townhouses, Heritage Estates is a fantastic neighbourhood to look at. It has a large number of townhouses.

Bayview Hill & Jefferson are two newer subdivisions. These subdivisions offer a good mix of both attached and detached single-family homes. These homes, on average, are smaller than the homes in Mill Pond.

If you’re looking for apartments and condos, head to either Yonge Street and East Beaver.


Scarborough is a multicultural section of Toronto that sits east of the Entertainment District and North York and is situated on Lake Ontario. It’s well known for the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs, which are huge cliffs that overlook the lake.

Living Here

As Scarborough is a popular place for new immigrants to settle into, this suburb is wonderfully diverse. It has garnered the nickname Scar-beria because it often feels disconnected from the rest of Toronto, like being out in Siberia. That being said, it IS still connected through plenty of public transit. You can take Line 3 on the TTC to Kennedy Station and then take the Subway to downtown.

Scarborough is a great place to live if you enjoy festivals and performances. You can enjoy Scarborough Ribfest, Scarborough Town Jazz Festival, Port Union Summer Concerts, Heritage Day Festival, Scarborough Afro-Carib Fest, and the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival. The Scarborough Civic Centre also hosts free concerts every Sunday. You can head to Theatre Scarborough to see live theatre performances.

For things to do, Scarborough is filled with plenty of options, many of which bring in tourists. The well-known Toronto Zoo is located in Scarborough and is a fantastic place for families, couples, and individuals! The stunning Scarborough Bluffs, which span almost 15kms, is an absolute must-see. Kidstown Water Park is a fantastic water park that is actually geared towards young children.

Because Scarborough is highly multicultural, it’s a great place for foodies. You can find many authentic Filipino, South Indian, and North-western Chinese restaurants in this neighbourhood.

Education: There are plenty of school options for families with children. Most of the schools in Scarborough belong to the Toronto District School Board. There are also schools from the Toronto Catholic District School Board and private schools. 

For post-secondary education, there is the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Parks and Green Space

Located on Lake Ontario with creeks and rivers running through it as well, Scarborough is a wonderful place for those who love the outdoors and specifically enjoy fishing, swimming, canoeing, and/or kayaking. Scarborough has the Toronto Zoo which has lots of wildlife and green space, two swimmable beaches and the Rogue River which is a natural landscape that has plenty of trails and wildlife to enjoy.

Rouge National Urban Park - The Rouge National Urban Park has everything you could want from the outdoors: sandy beaches, forests, rolling hills, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and fishing.

East Point Park - At this park, you can enjoy lake views, trails, birdwatching, and wildlife. There is also a softball pavilion.

Morningside Park - Kids will love the playground and splash pad. Nature lovers will enjoy the creek and forested areas. Everyone will love the trails and picnic areas.

Colonel Danforth Park - This park has a walking trail with a charming creek flowing through. It’s a tree-dense park with picnic areas. It’s a great quiet park that is fantastic for relaxing in. 

Scarborough Crescent Park - This park is located on the top of cliffs with jaw-dropping lake views. It’s a fantastic place for the family with a playground, splash pad, and multiple tennis courts.

Thomson Memorial Park - This large park has plenty of large, shady trees, a playground, sports field, fitness equipment, and trails.

Scarborough Real Estate

You can find some of the more affordable rental options in Scarborough. Overall, the average price for homes in Scarborough is a lot lower than the average price for homes in other areas of Toronto. It’s a much more affordable area to live in. Almost 60% of the population of Scarborough is families. There is a good mix of detached, condos, and attached homes in Scarborough.


Vaughan is known as “the city above Toronto”, although those who live here know that Vaughan has so much more to offer its residents than its location in relation to the big city.

Living Here

Vaugh is typically viewed as a low-key suburb. In 2017 Toronto expanded its subway station to reach the Vaughan Metropolitan Center, connecting it to Toronto’s center and making commuting easier. The main forms of transportation in Vaughan are the York Region Transit and the GO Transit.

As one of the richest cities in all of Canada, Vaughan’s population has a lot of young, skilled, professionals with a vastly large rate of post-secondary education.

There is lots to do in Vaughan! Canada’s Wonderland is a 133-hectare amusement park. You can ride roller coasters, enjoy the waterpark, watch live shows, and play all kinds of games. Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre has over 13 million visitors each year to shop their 200+ retail stores.. Legoland Discovery Centre is located in Vaughan Mills and has a 3d Cinema, play zone, and store.

Education: The elementary and secondary schools in Vaughan fall under the York Region District School Board and the York Catholic District School Board. A recent ranking of the public schools in Vaughan listed Michael Cranny, Mackenzie Glen, Discovery, Herbert H. Carnegie, and Pierre Berton as the top 5 schools, all of which are elementary schools.

For private schools in Vaughan, you can find Montessori schools, a Jewish day school, religious schools, an all-girls school, schools that focus on the arts, schools for those with special needs, schools that focus on high-academic achievements, and schools that have a focus on foreign languages.

Parks and Green Space

Plenty of neighbourhood parks with everything from sports fields and courts, fitness stations, and skate parks to playgrounds, off-leash dog areas, and splash pads! There are also a couple of natural park spaces:

Nashville Conservation Reserve - This 900+ hectare natural area has an abundance of beauty. There are multiple nature trails to enjoy.

Boyd Conservation Park  - This large park has beautiful natural areas and plenty of wildlife. It’s the perfect backdrop for a summer afternoon. You can hike and walk trails, picnic, or enjoy recreation in open green space.

Vaughan Real Estate

Compared to the much more urban Toronto, Vaughan has a higher percentage of detached homes.

For some of the largest homes in Vaughan head to the Kleinburg area. These houses are mostly detached, are several thousand square feet, and have all the bells and whistles. Contrastingly, Maple has a diverse range of housing types. You can find detached, semi-detached, townhomes, bungalows, high-rise, and low-rise buildings in Maple. The Woodbridge area has plenty of historical and older homes, many of which have had modern renovations on the insides to give potential buyers the best of both worlds. For a mix of detached and condos, head to Thornhill.


Waterloo, while its own city, is commonly referred to as Kitchener-Waterloo. It sits adjacent to Kitchener and together they are known as the twin cities. The infrastructure of the two cities run together and are often viewed as one.

Living Here

The largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany is held in Kitchener-Waterloo. It has been ongoing for over 75 years and brings in more than 700,000 people in fun celebrations. It’s a 9-day festival focused around beer but also has a parade, a gala, a car show, a barrel race, a 5K Fun Run and even Rocktoberfest.

Waterloo is a thriving university-town with nightlife and dining options for student life. On top of that, there are a number of things to do in the city. Waterloo Central Railway has heritage cars in service which is a great step back in time with delicious concessions. There is also the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery exhibits where you can take in ceramic, enamel, glass, and stained glass art. St. Jacobs Farmers Market and Flea Market sits just outside of the boundaries of Waterloo and is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon finding delicious food and beverages and handmade ware.

Education: The Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board make up the two major school systems in Waterloo. There are also French-language and Catholic-French-language schools in the city. For private schools, there is St. John’s-Kilmarnock School, Blyth Academy Waterloo, Woodland Christian High School, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, and Sunshine Montessori School.

For higher education, Waterloo has a couple of post-secondary education institutions: the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Waterloo also has plenty of think tanks and research institutes.

Parks and Green Space

There are five main parks in Waterloo. The Grand River Flows around one edge of Waterloo and there is also a beach within the city! The city also has multiple golf courses with stretches of stunning landscaped greenery. Also, the University of Waterloo sits on over 400 hectares of land that is absolutely beautiful to explore. The West-side Trails is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

The main parks are:

RIM Park - This 200-hectare park has both indoor and outdoor facilities. For the outside area, there are baseball diamonds, beach volleyball courts, sports fields, playgrounds, trails, and park areas. For indoor amenities, there are courts, ice rinks, a field house, banquet halls, and even food services.

Bechtel Park - There are 44 hectares of beauty at Bechtel Park. For natural beauty there are wetlands, meadows, and forested areas. Also included is an off-leash dog park, and outdoor sports fields and diamonds.

Laurel Creek Conservation Area - This beautiful area has 300 hectares of nature and includes a beach. You can do hiking, picnicking, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and so much more here.

Waterloo Park - Waterloo Park is a much more urban park with a bandshell, historical structures, and animal displays.

Lexington Park - This sports park has a soccer field and baseball diamond.

Waterloo Real Estate

The number of single-detached homes has increased as more land opens up for development. Townhouses have also become popular with younger couples and young families looking for more affordable options.

Because Waterloo is a University city, there are options for investment opportunities in the University neighbourhoods.


York was a city and is now one of the major boroughs of Toronto. The Humber River cradles part of its boundaries.

Living Here

York is fantastic for convenience. Dining out options, neighbourhood parks, shopping, and entertainment is never far away from whatever neighbourhood you’re living in. The transit, including GO Transit, makes getting around and getting to other places in Toronto easy.

Education: The school boards in York are the Toronto District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, and the Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir.

Parks and Green Space

The Humber River runs along the border of York. There are a good amount of neighbourhood parks within York. You can also find the stunning landscaped beauty of Lambton Golf & Country Club.

Keelesdale North Park - This sports park has baseball diamonds and a snack bar!

Cedarvale Park & Ravine - This beautiful park has plenty of benches, trees, trails, and a playground. There is also an outdoor exercise equipment area. For your furry friend, there is a large off-leash dog area.

Smythe Park - This large park has wide-open spaces, an outdoor pool, walking trails, pond, playground, and sports fields.

Eglinton Flats - You can find wide open green spaces, soccer fields, trails, a playground, and absolutely stunning water views.

York Real Estate

York is made up of suburban, urban, and mixed areas. There are plenty of detached single-family homes in this borough of Toronto.  You can also find many high-rise apartments throughout the more urban areas of York.