Living in Elgin County, Ontario - Explore Elgin County

Elgin County has a population count of 50069 (as of 2016) and is made up of multiple municipalities. Their mission statement is, “The County of Elgin strives to provide a safe, pleasant community for all citizens through a variety of services designed to promote quality of life and our rich historical and agricultural heritage.”

Living in Elgin County, Ontario -  Explore Elgin County

What draws a lot of people to buy homes in Elgin County is the fact that you get more for your money.

Work in the city? No problem. Forget rush hour traffic. Your commute takes you along beautiful farmland and country fields. Life moves at a slower pace with less hustle and bustle than city life and a closer sense of community.

It’s also worth considering the fact that living in a small town can be great for an active lifestyle as you’re more likely to walk to places in your town/village. There is also tons of greenery around you and often larger lots for your home. In fact, Elgin County has over 100 km of hiking trails, 120kms of Lake Erie shoreline, 8 golf courses, 53 playgrounds and parks, 9 provincial parks and conservation areas, and 9 sandy beaches.

Take a look at all of the towns/villages in Elgin County:


Aylmer is a cute little town with a deep connection to its heritage in southern Ontario. Located on Catfish Creek, just north of Lake Erie, this small town is just 20 minutes away from Highway 401.


Aylmer is a small town with a population of 7792, which has increased by 5% since 2011.

Parks And Green Space

Aylmer has a great number of parks for its residents to enjoy. The warmer weather brings fishing, hiking, sports, canoeing, and outdoor activities in the many different parks and green spaces throughout the town.

Heritage Tour - You can hike or bike this self-guided tour. It takes you along the beautiful streets of Aylmer and highlights the homes, business, and buildings that are recognized as significant by the Aylmer Heritage Committee.

Optimist & Kinsmen Park - Get active with tennis courts and a skateboard park. Watch your kids play on a play structure or take a stroll down a walking trail that goes along Catfish Creek. These parks also feature picnic pavilions.

Rotary Park - A “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary”, Rotary Park is absolutely stunning in its naturalized beauty. It has grass walking trails that take you through native hardwoods and gorgeous sights. Keep an eye out for the birdhouses!

Crystal Park, Balmoral Park, Lion’s Park, and Elgin Estates - Enjoy beautiful green space, playgrounds, and shady spots for a picnic lunch at these parks. They’re located throughout the town and provide great spots for outdoor activities!

Steen Conservation Area - Steen Conservation Area is home to a Disc Golf Course. It’s an 18 hole course with 54 par. It is also home to a lit baseball diamond, a full-sized soccer pitch, and great hills for tobogganing during the winter months.

Trans Canada Trail - The Aylmer Kinsman Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail, which is one of the world’s longest network of trails.

Living Here

Aylmer is a beautiful place to live in. It strikes the perfect balance of amenities, nature, tourism, and community. When living here, there are plenty of draws, including:

Main Street - Aylmer’s Mainstreet is bursting with unique shopping, delicious bakeries, restaurants, antique shops, and adorable boutiques! It’s the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon strolling and shopping.

East Elgin Community Complex - This multi-purpose community hall has an arena, meeting rooms, special event rooms, and more! With plenty of parking, it’s a community hub that sees a lot of action.

Aylmer Pool - The Aylmer Pool is completely accessible and has a diving well, wading pool, and main pool. During the summertime, the community can enjoy free swimming from a generous sponsorship by Tim Hortons.

Aylmer-Malahide Museum - This museum hosts exhibits and events from March to November. It also features historic artifacts and archives.

Sales Arena - On Tuesdays, Aylmer experiences Market Day! The Sales Arena gets hundreds of vendors, from a flea market and farmers market to Mennonite baked goods, all in one spot making it one of the most popular markets in Southwestern Ontario.

Aylmer has grown to be quite a destination for people to explore. It hosts a number of events throughout the year. Some of those events include:

Sweet Cornfest - Every year in August Sylmer hosts the Sweet Corngest, which has live music, farmers’ markets, art in the park, crafts, sidewalk sales, and family games. You can also enjoy Sno Cones, cotton candy, and a delicious BBQ.

Maple Syrup Festival - Every year during each weekend in March, the Springwater Conservation Area hosts the Maple Syrup Festival. You can learn all about the process of sap, tree-tapping, and making syrup through a tour and demonstration of the old-fashioned shanty and then enjoy a wagon ride, drawn by a horse of course, to the Pancake House!

Aylmer Fair - The Aylmer Fair started in the late 1800s and is one of the oldest in Ontario! It’s held on the second weekend in August and has rides, food vendors, booths with trinkets and wares, games, shows, and entertainment!

Three Port Tour - Every year the Three Port Tour takes cyclists through several villages with snacks, lunch, and rest spots along the way. The tour starts and ends in Aylmer.

In terms of schooling, the Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board service the area. There are 6 schools in Aylmer. For Thames Valley, Davenport and McGregor are the public elementary schools. The Catholic elementary school is Assumption Separate School. East Elgin is the only secondary school for the town. There are also two private schools, including Immanuel Christian School and Old Colony School which is run by the Old County Mennonite Order.

Aylmer Real Estate

Real estate growth in Aylmer has been steady. There was a 13% increase in the average sale price from 2018-2019. Most of the homes that you find in Alymer are single-family homes and are slightly older, being built somewhere in the range of the 1960s to the 1980s. You can also find some townhomes, condos, as well as a few smaller apartment buildings in Aylmer as well. There are also some beautiful heritage homes and buildings throughout the town.


Located in Southwestern Ontario, Belmont is a small village, covering just 1 square kilometre of land. It’s technically part of the Central Elgin Township in Elgin County. It’s 7.5kms south of highway 401.


Belmont is considered a village with just 1140 people living there as of 2016.

Parks And Green Space

For such a small village, there are plenty of parks and green space around. Not only are there plenty of parks here, but there are a number of towns and cities that are just a short drive away with even more park options. Belmont is surrounded by farmland and forested areas, giving residents the feeling of being hugged by nature.

Belmont Community Park - Belmont Park is the epitome of picturesque. With a fountain in the middle of a pristine pond, a small walking bridge, paths, well-kept grassy areas, and tall, shady trees, this is the perfect excuse to enjoy the outdoors.

Belmont Soccer Fields - These well-maintained fields are loved and provide a large space for sports teams to enjoy competitive and recreational soccer games.

Don Yeck Park - Don Yeck Park is a beloved park in the village. It has a skate park, a splash pad, a sheltered pavilion that is great for picnic lunches. The park is well-kept and is the park that hosts the Canada Day Celebration and other town events.

Meadows Park - This beautiful park has a playground and shady trees.

Union Street Park - Enjoy a leisurely lunch under a shady pavilion and watch your children playing on the playground, swings, and second play structure in this beautiful park.

Belmont Golf Club - Belmont Golf Club has an 18 hole course with well-maintained grounds. 

Living Here

Belmont is just a short 15-minute commute to London via the 401 (25-minutes if you’re headed to London’s core, making it a great place for those with a city career who love small-town communities. While Belmont has a handful of amenities within the village, one of the benefits of living here is how close it is to London, St. Thomas, and Port Stanely, which can provide your fill of amenities.

For amenities in Belmont, there is an LCBO, a grocery store, spa, library, salon, The Barking Cat bar, restaurants, and an Arena and Community Center.

For schooling, there are no actual schools in the village of Belmont, but children can attend schools in the surrounding areas (St. Thomas, London, Aylmer, and Dorchester). There have been proposals for an elementary school to be built in the village of Belmont in the near future. 

One of the best things about living in Belmont is the strong sense of community. You get to know your neighbours really well and get to make strong connections when you’re living here.

Events - Canada Day is a huge annual celebration in Belmont. They throw a large party in the park with a hot dog lunch, games, fireworks, and a bicycle parade. They also have an annual Santa Clause Parade.

Belmont Real Estate

Belmont is made up of single-family homes with plenty of forested green space and farmland providing beautiful views. There is a subdivision within the village called Robin Ridge Estates which has new builds (2017 or later), including a condo phase. Homes in Belmont range from being built in the last 40 years or being very old homes from the early settlement boom in the 1800s.


Dutton is a small and tight-knit community in the township of Dutton/Dunwich in Elgin County. It’s located 30km southwest of St Thomas. The village has gone through a number of name changes, with it being originally called Bennettville and then Lisgar. Dutton is a farming community and a wonderful little place to live.


The population of Dutton/Dunwich was 3866 as of 2016, with two-thirds of that population being in Dunwich and only about one-third of it being in the village of Dutton.

Parks And Green Space

Dutton itself is a beautiful place to live as it is surrounded by farmland and forested area. There are three parks in Dutton for its residents:

Sons of Scotland Park - Sons of Scotland Park is where the action really happens. Many of the village’s events are held here. It’s a large park with a trail that goes around the perimeter and is great for walking or running. Sports players know this park well as it has soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and a basketball court. There is a shaded pavilion for picnic lunches or gatherings. There is plenty of green space if you’re looking to get in a game of catch or play some frisbee. During warmer months, the splash pad provides some much-needed relief from the harsh sun and kids can enjoy play-structures and swings!

Centennial Park: This park is absolutely stunning. Its landscaping is gorgeous and filled with stunning colours and textures. There are a number of memorials and plaques here. A shaded pavilion is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch. It has a mini pond surrounded by large and eye-catching rocks. There are large, shady trees, a walking path, benches and even green space for outdoor fun. 

Buttermilk Bog: This small park is a little-known gem for those outside of the village. It has a short walking/running path, lots of shade and a ton of unique plants and vegetation, including some trees that are rare to the area. You’re also sure to see some frogs and interesting birds here.

Living Here

This small village has a strong sense of healthy, active lifestyles. They have a large number of clubs and activities for residents including organized sports, swimming, music, golf, drama and horticultural. Living in Dutton means living in a community that supports diving into your interests and also staying active and healthy.

Community centre: The large community center is the hub for interests and active living. Here you can participate in swimming, fitness programs, sports like dodgeball and floor hockey, enjoy a stroll on the morning walking track, dance of all kinds, taekwondo, and Zumba. They even have drop-in recreation for kids where they can participate in games, crafts and more.

Events: Unsurprising for this tight-knit community, they have a number of annual events, such as Canada Day, where they all get together and enjoy an incredible celebration. They have things like live music, food, vendor tables, games, and fireworks at Sons of Scotland Park! There are also festivals and events throughout the year on Main Street and in the community centre.

Dutton is close enough to other cities and towns that you’re never a far drive from whatever amenities you can think of. There are also some great amenities located in the village. Down main street, there is a bank, grocery store, restaurants, post office, LCBO and more! There is also a medical center, library and a RONA.

While a lot of the schooling options are outside of Dutton in nearby towns and cities, there is Dunwich-Dutton Public School which is located in the village. It’s an elementary school that is part of TVDSB and goes to grade 8. For a while, it only went up to grade 6 but that changed.

Dutton Real Estate

With Dutton being such a small and tight-knit community, it’s a dream location for those who enjoy the connectedness of living in a village. The vast majority of the homes here are detached single-family homes of various sizes. There are also some attached single-family homes, condos, and some smaller three-story walk-ups as well. Lots of the homes have good-sized yards with plenty of mature trees providing shade and beauty. There is a mix of older homes and somewhat newer builds with the majority of them being older. There are also two large retirement homes and a cooperative housing establishment.



Fingal is a small community situated 12km southwest of St Thomas. Located in the township of Southwold in Elgin County, the community is well known for its historic RCAF Station Fingal. During World War II the RCAF was one of the big air force training centers. The village stands near the shores of Lake Erie.


Fingal is a tiny little village with a population of less than 500. Part of the reason for such a small population is the fact that there was a smallpox epidemic back in 1889. This wiped out half of the population, which was at 1000 back then. The village never recovered from this blow, partially because at the same time that that happened St. Thomas was growing rapidly and was attracting people to settle down there.

Parks And Green Space

Even though Fingal is a small village to live in, they still have a beautiful park to serve their residents.

Fingal Heritage Park - This park has a large area of green space that is perfect for playing catch or frisbee. It also has a playground and swing sets. There are a couple of picnic tables with large, shady trees nearby that is perfect for picnic lunches.

Fingal Ball Park - Sports fanatics love the Fingal Ball Park. It has baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball nets, and a food booth. There is also a large pavilion with over 20 picnic tables and seating for approximately 138 people.

Fingal Wildlife Management Area - The Fingal Wildlife Management Area is located just outside of the populated area of the village. It sits on an old WWII air force training base and has 40kms of trails and a viewing station. It combines together both nature and history into an incredible experience.

Living Here

Fingal gives you the peace and quiet of a tiny village while also being a short drive away from towns with amenities. Fingal is just a short, 16-minute drive to St Thomas, a 10-minute drive to Port Stanley and a 35-minute drive to London.

Fingal Real Estate

Real estate in this small village is made up of single-family homes. The homes range in terms of sizes. Many of these have large properties with plenty of mature trees. There are pockets of incredibly private lots, surrounded by trees and nature on the outskirts of this small village.


Port Bruce

Port Bruce, which used to be a fishing village, is a beautiful town located right on Lake Erie with Catfish Creek running through it. There is a lot of forested space all through and surrounding Port Bruce with farmland scattered around too. As a beach town, it is a bit of a tourist destination in the summer months and even has a provincial park.

Parks And Green Space

Port Bruce is a beautiful place to live with plenty of lush, tree-lined spaces and wonderful water experiences both from Catfish Creek and Lake Erie. The green spaces in Port Bruce are centred around water.

Port Bruce Beach - Port Bruce offers 200 meters of sandy beach. There is a large pavilion with picnic tables and a playground area. There are a few great restaurants right across from the beach where you can get great beach foods that are perfect for family lunch.

Port Bruce Provincial Park - The Port Bruce Provincial Park is a waterfront park. People can enjoy swimming, picnicking, and fishing off the pier. Admission to the park is free. The water is shallow, making it perfect for families. There are a picnic area and a hardtop basketball court.

Living Here

This little town is a tourist destination in the summer months and comes alive then. It’s just a  short 17-minute drive to Port Stanley, a 25-minute drive to St. Thomas, and a 46-minute drive to London. If you adore the idea of living by the water and feel rejuvenated by being surrounded by nature, then Port Bruce is a beautiful place to live.

There are seasonal trailer parks here where people come to spend their holidays during the warm months. People also own cottages here both for themselves and to rent out.

There are a few restaurants here, but a lot of amenities are found in neighbouring communities and require a car.

Port Bruce Real Estate

Port Bruce offers people the chance to have absolutely beautiful water views from their homes, both from Lake Erie or Catfish Creek. Lots of the homes have large lots with plenty of shady trees to keep your air conditioning costs down in the summer months. Most of the houses in Port Bruce are detached single-family homes.


Port Burwell

Port Burwell is a beautiful beach town with a bustling main street and a friendly community. It’s a great place to live and comes alive in the summer months as tourists come for the cottages, the park, and the beach.


This beautiful little village has a population of around 1000 and is a very quiet off-season.

Parks And Green Space

Port Burwell is a beautiful little village full of plenty of mature trees, lush grass, and a beautiful sandy beach.

Ken Kirkpatrick Memorial Parkette - This elevated mini corner park has benches, a cobblestone surface, and beautifully landscaped scenery. It’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy a moment of peace.

Port Burwell Provincial Park - Port Burwell Provincial Park is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors. It has camping sites, with both electrical and non-electrical sites for you to set up your tent, enjoy some fires, and feel at one with nature.  Otter Creek flows through it and is 15 km and takes 16 hours by canoe, providing an easy canoe stream. The park also has multiple hiking trails, including the ravine trail which is a short 1km and the beach trail, which is 2km. There is a playground for kids. People love coming here in the spring and fall where you can witness the spring migrations of birds and then the fall migrations of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. There is also 2.5km of beach in the park, including a dog-friendly beach and a nude beach. There is a pavilion with picnic tables and BBQs to grill on and if you don’t feel like cooking yourself, main street’s delicious restaurants and stores are within walking distance.   

Burwell Public Beach - The beach is a great place for long summer days for fun in the sun. From here, it’s an easy walk to the main street where there are shops, restaurants, and places to get ice cream. On the beach, there are picnic tables and a chip shop. The sandy beach is clean and soft. There is a long pier which is great for fishing or just walking down. There is plenty of parking right in front of the beach. The beach has shallow water for long stretches, making it ideal for family and kids.

Living Here

Port Burwell sees 115,000 visitors annually, making it a tourist town. For those who love living near water, with the creek and the beach, it’s the perfect little town to live in. While there are a number of amenities in the little village itself, many also commute to the nearby cities for both work and some entertainment and shopping. It’s located 37 minutes away from St. Thomas and 57 minutes away from London.

Amenities - Inside the town, there are a number of restaurants and shops, particularly along main street. With a grocery store, a corner store, an LCBO, and the Periscope Playhouse, you can find the majority of your errands and entertainment here.

Education - As with most small villages, the majority of schools are outside of the town’s borders so most kids have a commute to school, however, there is the Port Burwell Public School in the middle of the village for elementary school.

Yearly events - This little village is tight-knit and community-oriented. They have annual events where the whole town comes together in celebration. One of those events is the Port Burwell Tub Daze where you’ll find family fun, food, a beer tent, kids fun, beach volleyball, a fire truck pulling contest, and fireworks. 

The Marine Museum and Lighthouse is a particularly interesting building here. The lighthouse was constructed in the 1840s and is now a tourist information center and a museum.  The museum has lighthouse lenses, pier markers, ship models and marine artifacts and recounts the history of Lake Erie.

Port Burwell Real Estate

Port Burwell is mostly made up of detached single-family homes. There are also some townhouses and more affordable options such as a mobile home park. While most of the homes are older homes, there are also some newer homes being built here. Homes range in size and price range, but most of the homes offer nice large yards with plenty of mature trees for shady spots and lowered cooling costs in the warmer months. There are a lot of farm fields around the outskirts of the town and plenty of forested areas with the provincial park making up such a large chunk of the town.

Port Stanley

Port Stanley is a cute beach town located on Lake Erie at the mouth of Kettle Creek. It’s the closest beach to London and St. Thomas.


Port Stanley sits at a comfortable population of around 2229 people. In the warmer months, it gets busier as the beach and quaint charm attracts tourists looking to soak up the summer sun.

Parks And Green Space

With Kettle Creek running through the town, there is plenty of vegetation, green space, and spots for fishing everywhere. Kettle Creek Golf and Country Club have a beautiful course with lush greens.

Beaches - There are two beaches: Main Beach and Little Beach. Little Beach is often less crowded and, as the name suggests, is a smaller beach. With a thickly forested area behind and the stunning blue water in front, the views here are hard to beat. Main Beach is much more of a social beach. It has beach volleyball nets, a pavilion with picnic tables and BBQs, a basketball court, a playground for kids, and restaurants right on the beach. It’s also longer and has the setting of the cute town behind it.

Stanley Park - This small park has a playground with swings, picnic tables under shady trees, and open green space for outdoor fun.

Little Creek Park - Little Creek Park is a great place to get in some exercise. It has a walking path, a basketball court, outdoor exercise equipment, picnic tables, open space, and even a playground for the kids.

Selbourne Park - Selbourne has a baseball diamond, washrooms, and a skatepark.

Hofhuis Park - This beautiful park is located just off the beach. It has a large green space and benches with stunning views of the water.

Living Here

As a beach town, Port Stanley comes alive in the summertime as tourists flock to the beach, rent cottages, and enjoy strolling down the main street, shopping and eating. It also has a bustling theatre culture, which draws people in.

Of course, for those who dream of living on the beach, Port Stanley is an incredible option. Not only is it a beautiful beach town, but it offers many amenities and shopping, and St. Thomas is just a short 18-minute drive away and London is 40 minutes away, making it an option for commuters.

Education - Kettle Creek Public School is located in Port Stanley and amalgamated from two schools: Port Stanley Public School and Sparta Public School. It’s a TVDSB elementary school. For other schooling options and for secondary school, students travel to St. Thomas.

Port Stanley Real Estate

Port Stanley has seen many new developments popping up, including adorable beachfront condos. Port Stanley also has some rural cottages and lakeside vacation homes that are worth considering. In terms of housing, you can find condos, attached single-family homes, detached single-family homes, and smaller walk-up apartments. There are plenty of houses with nice sized lots. As you head closer to the outskirts of the town there are much more spacious yards with plenty of privacy. Large, shady trees can be found on most lots. Many homes have water views from either the beach or Kettle Creek.


Rodney is a small farming village that truly embraces its heritage and history. It’s a friendly and close community that holds an incredible fair year after year.


Rodney is a small village with a population of 998. A lot of the population of this town is either single or couples without kids, including those who are retired.

Parks And Green Space

This small farming village is surrounded by farm fields. Although they don’t have specific parks or dedicated green space here, residents get their fill of beautiful greenery. They do also have an outdoor pool and a large space that is used to hold community events outdoors. It has a pavilion with picnic benches and a large track that is great for walking or running.

Living Here

This small farming village has the necessities and household supplies available here in the grocery store, bank, restaurants, Library, Beer Store, and LCBO. For amenities and other shopping, residents can drive to Chatham-Kent, which is located 36 minutes away, or to St. Thomas or London which are both 45 minutes away.

This small village holds amazing events in the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society Fairgrounds. They have fish frys, horse shows, Major League Circus Show, and the annual Fair. The fair has a tractor pull, competitions, demo derby, live music, food, beer, scavenger hunt, games, face painting, balloon animals, shows, and more!

Their community center has shuffleboard, carpet bowling, pickleball, and drop-in recreation.

Rodney is also home to the Ye Olde Jail History Museum.

Rodney’s public school is Aldborough Public School, which has elementary and secondary education.

Rodney Real Estate

Rodney’s real estate is mostly made up of detached single-family homes. There are a few three-story walk-up apartments. If you’re on a budget, there are smaller, more affordable homes and options. A large senior living apartment building sits in this pretty town as well. There are plenty of large, mature trees around. Larger new builds are being built here as people want to find quiet places to live with plenty of land.


St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a beautiful town that has a lot going on. Located 30 minutes away from London, and 2 hours away from Toronto, it is a commuter’s ideal location as the housing market is quite affordable here. It was voted as one of the best places to live in Canada in 2018.

St. Thomas Ontario


St. Thomas makes up a large chunk of Elgin County with its population sitting at 38909 (as of 2016).

Parks And Green Space

St. Thomas is filled with plenty of beautiful green spaces and parks. It’s a wonderful place to live for those who enjoy nature. Long-distance bikers also enjoy biking to many of the smaller villages surrounding St. Thomas. There are also a number of golf courses and dog parks here!

Pinafore Park - With 90 acres of stunning greenspace, trees, and natural beauty, it’s no wonder why Pinafore Park is the most well-known park in St. Thomas. It has gorgeous gardens, walking trails, a wildlife sanctuary, and a picnic area. For family fun, there is a splash park, a bandshell for live music, a playground and concessions!

Waterworks Park - This park gets its name from its impressive splash park, but residents also love its gardens, pavilions, large playground, ponds, and cross-country ski trails.

Athletic Park - The large, sprawling fields of Athletic Park has soccer fields and are just begging for some games of catch or frisbee. There is also a playground and walking trail here.

Doug Tarry Complex - Beautifully maintained, this baseball park is well lit and has washrooms and food stands. There are also soccer fields, a walking trail, and beautiful ponds.

V.A Barrie Park - The Disc Golf course here is well maintained.

Neighbourhood Parks - St. Thomas has an impressive number of small parks throughout this town. The parks are beautiful and offer playgrounds, green space, benches, pavilions, picnic tables, and more!

Trans Canada Hiking Trail - Now known as The Great Trail, this impressive 24000 km of trails takes you all across Canada, through 13 provinces and territories and is 100% connected. St. Thomas has a beautiful access point to this trail.

Living Here

St. Thomas is a wonderful place to live. The arts scene here is bustling and thriving with plenty of Theatre! There are craft breweries, amazing restaurants that have a farm-to-table mentality and support local farmers, beekeepers, and businesses. This community comes together multiple times a year with annual events that celebrate everything from Canada Day and local artists in St. Thomas, to their heritage and foodie tours. They host festivals year after year that draws in people from outside of the town.

Culture - There are a number of live theatres in St. Thomas. They also have the Elgin Military Museum, Elgin County Railway Museum, and the St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre.

Joe Thornton Community Centre - Residents can stay healthy and active with the indoor walking/running track, the gymnasium, and two ice rinks.

YMCA - The YMCA has recently had an upgrade with $2 million being poured into it. There are an impressive and renovated gymnasium and a large and beautiful pool.

In terms of amenities, St. Thomas has an abundance of restaurants and shopping. Even with London being so close by, residents don’t feel like they have to leave their beautiful town to get their fill of entertainment, restaurants, and shopping.

Education - For public schools, students can attend Arthur Voaden Secondary School, Central Elgin Collegiate Institute, and Parkside Collegiate Institute. The Catholic high school is St. Joseph’s High School. Private schools include St. Thomas Community Christian School and Faith Christian Academy. Algoma University and Fanshawe College have campuses located in the town.

St. Thomas Real Estate

St. Thomas is often sought after for people who work in London as the commute is short and easy and you get more for your money in St. Thomas Real Estate. There have been a number of new developments popping up in the town, offering beautiful new, modern builds. You can find all ranges of housing types and sizes in St. Thomas. There is something to fit your price range here.


Shedden is a small hamlet that is located in the township of Southwold in Elgin County. Shedden is most well known for being called the rhubarb capital of Ontario.


This little village has a population of 816 people (as of 2001).

Parks And Green Space

Shedden is filled with plenty of greenery and lots of large, mature trees.

Shedden Keystone Complex - With a playground for kids and plenty of full and half-sized soccer fields, this is a place where events and fairs are often held. There is a pavilion with picnic tables here as well. Right next to the complex is a tree-lined park with a walking path, a beautiful artistic structure and benches. It’s the perfect spot for a peaceful moment.

Baseball Diamond - There is a nice sized baseball diamond with bleachers.

Living Here

Shedden is a hamlet that has embraced the notion of being a farm town. It has a close community that comes together throughout the year for special celebrations. Residents in Shedden can enjoy a library, medical clinic, grocery store, variety store, salon, and restaurant.

For amenities and shopping, St. Thomas is 18 minutes away and London is a 29-minute drive.

Rosy Rhubarb Festival - This annual event brings people from outside of the hamlet in year after year. Along with the rhubarb growing contest and the baking contests, there are vendors selling foods and wares, yard sales, presentations, games for kids, shows, a car show, and breakfast at the pavilion.

Shedden Real Estate

Shedden is made up of detached single-family homes. While there are older farmhouses, beautiful brick homes, smaller homes, and older houses, there are also a number of new builds with large, rolling lots. Closer to the edge of town there are beautiful privacy lots with large mature trees hiding houses from sight.



Situated at the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 4 sits the small village of Talbotville, which is part of the Southwold township.

Parks And Green Space

Talbotville is surrounded by fields and farmland and the small village has lots of large mature trees.

Talbotville Optimist Community Park - Basketball nets and a baseball diamond make for great pickup sports games. There is also a large pavilion with picnic tables. The park has a large playground for kids. There are washrooms and sprawling green space that is great for activities.

Living Here

Sitting just a short 10-minute drive outside of St. Thomas, many consider Talbotville just an extension of St. Thomas. With so many amenities of St. Thomas being just a short drive (and a less than 30-minute bike ride) away, residents here can get the best of both worlds: enjoying the quiet lifestyle of a village while being close to shopping, restaurants, and so much entertainment.

Inside the boundaries of Talbotville, there is a restaurant, Picards, a salon, and some car and auto shops.

Talbotville Real Estate

Made up of detached single-family homes, Talbotville has had some newer subdivisions built up recently as St. Thomas has become more and more attractive with the rising costs of homes. These subdivisions have more modern homes with plenty of lands.

West Lorne

West Lorne was originally called Bismarck and went through a number of name changes, including West Blayron and Lorne and is now called West Lorne.


West Lorne is a small village with a population of 1477.

Parks And Green Space

West Lorne is surrounded by fields and farmland with plenty of mature trees and forested areas throughout the pretty little village.

Miller Park - Miller Park is a huge park in West Lorne. It has a long walking/running trail that goes all around the perimeter of the park. It also has a baseball diamond, soccer fields, a splash pad, playgrounds, swings, a large pavilion with picnic tables, washrooms, and plenty of large, shady trees.

Living Here

West Lorne is a 42-minute drive away from London Ontario and a 41-minute drive from Chatham-Kent. It sits a short drive away from beaches along Lake Erie. The town itself has an arena, restaurants, businesses, a pharmacy, a grocery store, an animal hospital, and a library.

Schools - West Lorne has St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School and West Elgin Secondary School in its borders.

West Lorne Real Estate

Most of the homes here are detached single-family homes with many being ranch, bungalow and two-story houses. While there are plenty of trees and large lots to give you a feeling of privacy from your neighbours, the village does not have far, sprawling privacy lots, which allows for a more community-based feel in West Lorne.


Vienna is a tiny “if you blink you might miss it” village with Otter Creek flowing around it. It’s just 5 km up from Port Burwell.


Vienna’s population is around 733 people.

Parks And Green Space

Vienna is truly a beautiful place to live in. The housing and subdivisions are broken up from the winding of Otter Creek and thick, winding patches of forested area. Lush fields and farmland are all around.

Vienna Memorial Park - This pretty park has lots of large, shady trees. It has an open green space for games and outdoor fun. It has a skate park, benches, a washroom, a beautiful memorial, and a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

Community Center - The Community Center sits on 4 acres of land with plenty of open space for games of catch or frisbee. It also has picnic tables and a playground for kids.

Living Here

One of the best things about living in Vienna is the fact that the beach and the Port Burwell Provincial Park is just a short, 5-minute drive away. St. Thomas is 35 minutes away and Tillsonburg is a short 23-minute drive.

The Vienna Home Center has your household essentials but you’ll need to head over to Port Burwell or another town for restaurants and some other shopping.

Otter Edge Estates - This seasonal camping ground is an adult community living estate.

Community Center - Many of the town’s events, such as bingo or Ribfest, are held at the community center. It has a stage, kitchen, bar, and can be rented out.

This small village does host a number of events throughout the year and has a strong sense of community. One of their biggest annual events is Edison Fest!

Vienna Real Estate

Vienna offers the rare opportunity to own multiple acres of land. Most of the homes were built in the 1960s, but with many people noticing the advantage of living in such a nature-centred beautiful place, there are a lot of modern new builds popping up as well.  Vienna is mostly made up of detached single-family homes.