Living In London, Ontario - Explore London

Checking out homes for sale in London, Ontario? If you’ve been browsing new listings in London Ontario and are considering buying, but are wondering if this is the best city for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Living In London, Ontario - Explore London

London real estate is booming. New builds are popping up all over the place and houses are being snapped up quickly. But you want to make sure that this city is going to be a place where you can flourish. Here are the details for living in London, Ontario - Middlsex County.

London Parks and Green Space

Nicknamed the Forest City, London Ontario is an incredible place to live for nature lovers. The city has 21 “Environmentally Significant Areas” (ESAs) that cover over 730 hectares. The Thames River runs throughout the city, creating a sanctuary for all different kinds of wildlife and vegetation. It doesn’t matter what part of the city that you live in, you’re never too far from escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and surrounding yourself with the rejuvenating views of lush greenery and forested trails.

London - Thames River

London Neighbourhood Parks

When the warmer weather hits, nothing makes for a better daytime activity like heading to a nearby park and spending hours enjoying the sunshine, maybe packing a picnic lunch, and getting in a little physical activity. Luckily, in London, every neighbourhood has its own park. From parks with playgrounds and green space for a game of frisbee to parks with splash pads and picnic tables, London is full of beautiful places to stay and play and have fun in the sun.

There are also 11 skateboard parks within the city, offering a place for skateboarders and rollerbladers to enjoy learning tricks and trying out the grind rails, ramps, quarter pipes and skate bowls.

For the furry friend in your life, London offers five off-leash dog parks. These parks come with separate spaces for small dogs and larger dogs and offer a fantastic space to socialize your canine.

London’s parks are well maintained. Some offer beautiful views of the Thames River and others boast large shady trees that are perfect to read under. The best part is that no matter where you live in the city, you’re never far from a park.

London Ontario - Canada


If you’re hoping for a decent hike with stunning views you can head over to Kains Woods where over 5kms of managed hiking trails lead you along the Thames River. Bald Eagles and Blue Herons are frequently spotted near the water’s edge. This walking trail is so lush and surrounded by tall trees that you’ll completely forget that you’re even in a city altogether. With the steep inclines along the route, you’re sure to get a good workout in. Keep an eye out for deer and beavers, as frequenters of the trails are bound to come across them. Kains Woods is also an excellent spot for fishing if you have your license.

If you’re looking to make an afternoon out of walking trails head to the beautiful Kilally Meadows where the over 10km trail system has you winding through beautiful riverside woods, meadows, and swamplands. The conditions throughout this area allow for a ton of plants to thrive.

With trails that are just shy of 5kms, Meadowlily Woods is another beautiful place to hike if you’re in the mood to be immersed in nature. Red foxes, coyotes, raccoons, hawks, and woodpeckers are known to be spotted in this ESA.

Medway Valley Heritage Forest boasts 11kms of trails that follow the Medway creek. There are plenty of steep points of the trails and the lands are forests, swamps, and marshes. Fishing is wonderful here and the waters are beautiful and clear.

The Sifton Bog has beautiful boardwalks trails that lead out to a viewing platform that looks out over the swamp and upland forest areas that surround the bog. Because the lands are so wet, it’s the perfect spot for plenty of incredible vegetation to not only grow but thrive.

Extending just North if Kains Woods is Warbler Woods. Steep hills and stunning slopes make these 5-6kms of trails the perfect spot for nature-watching. Those who love bird-watching will want to check out Warbler Woods as there are plenty of uncommon species that make their home here.

Westminster Ponds is an area that covers around 200 hectares and has 11kms of managed trails. The kettle ponds are absolutely beautiful to check out and are filled with all kinds of wildlife. The trails have some hills and some muddy spots, so make sure to put on your hiking boots before conquering the trails.

Fanshawe Conservation Area is an absolute escape from the city without actually needing to leave the city. The 20km biking/hiking trail takes you all the way around the Fanshawe Reservoir, through forests and meadows. The trail has plenty of slopes and hill to climb, taking you to absolutely breathtaking views over the water. There are also 3.4kms of hiking-only trails. Rent canoes and kayaks and spend the day on the water enjoying the peaceful forests surrounding you. To enjoy a true getaway, camp overnight at Fanshawe Conservation Area and feel one with nature without needing to take a long drive out of the city.

No matter where you are in the city, you’re never far from a multi-purpose trail that follows the Thames River. The paved path is wide enough for easy walking/running/biking and links together over 150kms of trails across the city.


London Schools

London is a fantastic city for education. With a variety of schooling types and locations all across the city, you can rest assured that your kids will have options for an excellent education from elementary and secondary to post-secondary.


The Thames Valley District School Board runs the public schools in London Ontario and surrounding areas.  There are over 50 elementary schools servicing London Ontario, including Lester B Pearson School For The Arts. Once your child transitions into High School, there are over 10 secondary schools servicing London Ontario.


For some people, a private school is the pinnacle of education for their children. London is lucky to have around 20 private schools throughout the city. Those private schools consist of  Montessori schools, Christian schools, Hebrew schools, and Islamic schools. No matter what your beliefs are, there is a private school to fit yours and your child’s lifestyle.


For those who want a public education for their child but under the Catholic schooling umbrella, London has around 25 elementary and 6 secondary Catholic schools with the London District Catholic School Board.

French and French Immersion

For those wanting their children to attend French-only speaking schools, there are a number of options for you and your children. If you’re looking for Catholic French education, the Conseil Scolaire Providence school board has 6 catholic French-speaking schools in London. If you’d rather a French education without it being Catholic, there are 3 French-speaking schools that you can send your children to.

If you’d like your child to be immersed in French but maybe don’t speak French at home, there are 8 French Immersion schools in London that would be fantastic options.


London is home to the University of Western Ontario. Londoners can attend post-secondary without needing to worry about the expenses of moving to another city, and many even choose the financial option of staying at home while attending post-secondary.

Western has many options for students. You can attend the main campus, or you can opt to attend one of the affiliated university colleges: Brescia, Kings, and Huron. These affiliated schools still give you a University of Western Ontario degree but offer different classes, different focuses, and smaller class and campus sizes. Students of Western, regardless of which campus, can actually take courses across many different campuses, which gives students excellent schooling opportunities.

Western also has Ivey Business School which is a renowned school across the globe. Its classes are mimicked after Harvard’s style of learning.


Fanshawe College has grown to have multiple campuses across the city. It offers incredible education opportunities that often focus on hands-on learning and co-operative experiences. 

London Real Estate Market

London Community

When you’re checking out real estate for sale in London Ontario the one thing that those listings can never quite capture is the spirit of the city. London is an incredible place to live. The city is filled with many amenities. There is always something to do and something new to discover here.

This is also a city that supports its own. We have a thriving local community here. From products, services, and everything in between, we love the healthy, local economy here and are quick to choose the little guy over the big chain. Check out small, intimate bakeries and cafes that create hand-made products from scratch. Look into bazaars and markets throughout the year where small, entrepreneurial Londoners come together with their handcrafted goods and incomparable services to showcase to you. Visit the local farmer’s markets every weekend. And take notice of the local restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients and host beer from London breweries.

London ON - Downtown

London Entertainment

If you’re ever bored in London then you’re just not paying attention. In the warmer weather, the city comes alive with festivals happening all around. From food fests and music festivals, London truly comes alive in the summer. And don’t forget East Park’s go-karts and water park! Or how about soaking up the sun while playing any of our 20+ golf courses or, for the amateurs, mini-golf courses.

Not weather-dependant is things like the multiple, luxurious movie theatres that offer unparalleled comfort, cocktails, and fine-dining food to go with your movie experience. Or, head to any of our indoor VR arcades that let you fully immerse yourself into games and other worlds and try out the latest and greatest technologies. If you’re more for old-school fun, London has a number of actual arcades that are fun for everyone at every age! The casino is a great place to have an evening of fun with friends or that special someone.

Looking for something a little more active? London has rock climbing, archery, laser tag, axe throwing, trampoline parks, and indoor adventure parks that have everything from ziplines to high ropes courses.

Maybe you’re more into something that engages your brain. London Ontario is home to a number of great escape rooms. We also have museums and art galleries. We have a number of Theatres, including the renowned Grand Theatre, where you can catch all kinds of plays and performances.

If you’d rather sit back and enjoy others doing the work, London’s music scene is beyond incredible. Or, catch a London Knights game. Hockey not your sport? If you’re more of a baseball fan, check out the London Majors! Budweiser Gardens brings in a number of incredible shows all throughout the year, including Disney on Ice! Head to the racetracks or check out the Western Fair.

There is always something happening here in London for you and your loved ones. All you have to do is get out there and enjoy it.

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London Nightlife

Whether you enjoy dancing the night away at a club, trivia night at the local pub, karaoke and comedy nights at the bar, or sipping wine and cocktails in more posh establishments, London has something for you.

With over 8 different craft breweries in the city, you’re sure to find a pint that you enjoy somewhere. Stay and sip or take some home to enjoy, and if you have any questions, make sure to ask because they are all friendly and more than happy to talk beer with anyone who is willing.

London Restaurants

London is becoming a foodie heaven. Hand-crafted cocktails made with real smoke have been popping up in restaurants all over. Tasting menus and tapas are being served everywhere. Elevated dishes with ingredients like beef cheek and pork belly are converting taste buds all over this great city. We have hole-in-the-wall restaurants that can knock your socks off and restaurants that will become your new favourites after just a couple of bites. Many of our restaurants use locally sourced ingredients from nearby farmers and make everything from scratch, including the bread.

London Ontario Real Estate By Map

London Neighbourhoods

If you’ve been checking out London Listings, you might be wondering where to buy? Deciding what neighbourhood to live in is essential for your family. There are many factors to consider when looking at London Ontario homes for sale: what are the schools like; are there parks nearby; will errands and shopping be convenient; will our family fit in here; are the houses in our price range. Of course, your real estate agent will help you figure out what neighbourhoods would be right for you, but here is a quick run-down of all the neighbourhoods in London. 

North East London


Carling Heights Neighbourhood

Carling Heights has a mix of residential and commercial areas. It’s most known for the large Canadian Forces Base that’s located in it. Another notable aspect of this neighbourhood is the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre which has an indoor pool and gym. This neighbourhood is made up of late 1800s farmhouses, semi-detached homes, townhouses, and apartment buildings.

Cedar Hollow Neighbourhood

Located close to Fanshawe Lake and with Kilally Woods nestled in, Cedar Hollow is a great place for nature lovers to live. Highbury and Fanshawe Park is the closest commercial area to this smaller neighbourhood.


Huron Heights Neighbourhood

Huron Heights is a larger neighbourhood that is plentiful in schools, parks, and shopping. There are a couple of commercial areas. The neighbourhood is made up of three-storey walk-ups, apartment buildings, newer single detached homes, and older bungalow-style detached homes.


Kilally Valley Neighbourhood

Kilally Valley is a newer neighbourhood, which means that the majority of the homes built here are newer single detached homes and newer townhouses. There is a small commercial area, but the biggest draw to this neighbourhood is the location to Kilally Meadows ESA and beautiful Thames Valley Parkway trails.


Kipps Lane Neighbourhood

Kipps Lane has a diverse mix of home prices and types. Single-detached homes were mostly built in the 1950s with some newer builds mixed in. Row houses and apartment buildings also make up the mix of housing styles. This area has the Beacock Library and the Carling-Thames Family Centre which both host fantastic low-cost or free programs for Londoners.


Masonville Neighbourhood

The most notable feature of the Masonville neighbourhood is one of London’s best malls: CF Masonville Place. The mall is a transit hub for the city and has a ton of amazing entertainment options for families. The area surrounding the mall is rich in shopping and restaurant options.


Northcrest Neighbourhood

Northcrest is a smaller neighbourhood that has older homes and mature tree-lined streets. While this neighbourhood is mostly residential, it’s located close to Masonville, which means that shopping and amenities are easily accessible.


Northridge Neighbourhood

The Northridge neighbourhood has a mix of older single-family homes and newer townhouses. The neighbourhood has access to the Thames Valley Parkway trails and has commercial plazas in the neighbourhood.


Ridgeview Heights Neighbourhood

Ridgeview Heights offers a diverse range of housing styles: splits, ranches, raised ranches, and even bungalows. This neighbourhood is one of those neighbourhoods where once you live here, you stay here. It’s a family-friendly neighbourhood with plenty of schooling options.


Stoney Creek Neighbourhood

Stoney Creek has a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. It has a large commercial plaza and is most well known for its modern YMCA and Library, which offers a pool, gym, fitness center and library branch in one, beautiful, convenient building.


Stoneybrook Neighbourhood

Stoneybrook is a great place for dog-lovers. It has an off-leash dog park and the Stoney Creek Valley which has beautiful trails connecting all throughout the neighbourhood.


Stoneybrook Heights Neighbourhood

Stoneybrook Heights is home to a number of different parks, which makes it great for families that love the outdoors. As many of the parks have play structures and swings, it’s a great neighbourhood for those with younger children.


Uplands Neighbourhood

The Uplands has single detached homes that were built in the 1990s and 2000s. It’s most well known for the Upland Trails.


Uplands North Neighbourhood

Uplands North is one of the most Northern residential neighbourhoods in London and is close to Stoneycreek YMCA. Surrounded by wetlands and nature, many of the homes here have beautiful views.


Northwest London


Cherryhill Neighbourhood

Cherryhill is known for a large amount of araptment buildings. It’s clocated close to the University of Western Ontario. It’s most notable for Cherryhill Mall and the London Muslim Mosque (which is Ontario’s oldest mosque).


Fox Field Neighbourhood

One of Londons newer subdivisions in this area of the city is Foxfield. Foxfield District Park and Snake Creek run through the neioghbourhood and offer beautiful walking trails for the residents.


Hazelden Neighbourhood

Hazelden is a smaller neighbourhood that is residential. There are two commercial plazas close to the neighbourhood.


Hunt Club Neighbourhood

London’s Hunt Club neighbourhood is adjacent to London Hunt and Country Club. It has large, mature trees, and 1950s single detached houses. The streets are peaceful and family friendly with a couple of great parks clocated in the neighbourhood.


Hyde Park Neighbourhood

Hyde Park is most well known for its large commercial plaza at Hyde Park and Fanshawe Park Road. It has single detached houses, townhomes, and large aparment buildings.


Limberlost Neighbourhood

The two most notable aspects of Limberlost are the Canada Aquatic Games Centre and the Medway Community Centre, which has an ice rink, a splash pad, and a rentable community space.


Oakridge Neighbourhood

Many families that have young kids live in Oakridge. The houses here are build on sizable lots and were mostly built in the 1950s and 1960s. There are also townhouses and apartment buildings in this area.


Oakridge Crossings Neighbourhood

Oakridge Crossings has a mix of single-detached homes, apartment buildings, and townhouses. It has a major commercial area at Wonderland and Oxford and there are beautiful trails through Beaverbrook Woods.


Old Masonville Neighbourhood

This highly residential area is mostly made up of single-detached homes with a few townhouses sprinkled in. There are two landmarks: Windemere Mannor and Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, which are two gorgeous historic houses.


Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest Neighbourhood

The main commercial centre for Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest is Sherwood Forest Mall. This neighbourhood is close to the University of Western Ontario. Residents are close to Medway Heritage Valley Environmentally Significant Area.


Proudfoot Neighbourhood

The most notable aspect of Proudfoot is the many apartment buildings as well as the large amounts of open green space. There is a large commercial area also located in this neighbourhood.


River Bend Neighbourhood

The beautiful neighbourhood of River Bend is a relatively new neighbourhood. It hosts a gated community with homes that back onto the River Bend Golf Course. Another notable aspect of this neighbourhood is the stunning Kains Woods that runs along the back of this community.


The Triangle Neighbourhood

The Triangle is a tiny triangularly shaped area that is located between Masonville and the University of Western Ontario. It has beautiful and peaceful streets that are lined with mature trees and single detached homes.


Sunningdale Neighbourhood

The homes in Sunningdale were built in the year 2000 and on. It’s well known for the beautiful nature in the neighbourhood: Plane Tree Park, Medway Valley Heritage Forest, and Sunningdale Golf and Country Club.


University Heights Neighbourhood

As one might expect, University Heights is located close to the University of Western Ontario. It has high-rise buildings and older single-detached houses. There are also student-oriented townhouses in this neighbourhood.


Whitehills Neighbourhood

There are a number of parks in Whitehills. The neighbourhood has 1970s single-detached homes, townhouses, duplexes, and how-housing. Sherwood Forest Mall is close by to this neighbourhood.


Central London

Central London is made up of 21 different neighbourhoods.

Thames River- London Ontario


Bishop Hellmuth Neighbourhood

Bishop Hellmuth is filled with absolutely beautiful heritage homes and really old churches that date back to the late 1800s. It’s close to downtown and the University of Western Ontario.


Blackfriars Neighbourhood

Known for its heritage homes, both small and medium-sized, Blackfriars runs along the Thames River. The most notable aspect of the neighbourhood is Labatt Memorial Park, which is the home of the London Majors.


Broughdale Neighbourhood

One of the most distiguishable parts of Broughdale is King’s University College and the stunning and historic St. Peter’s Seminary. Because of King’s and its proximity to the University of Western Ontario, this neighbourhood is home to many students.


Chelsea Green Neighbourhood

Chelsea Green has single-detached homes, three-story walk-ups, tow housing, and smaller apartment buildings. Some of the most notable places in the neighbourhood are the Wheable Adult Education Centre, The Brookside Banquet Centre and the London Sports Park.


Downtown Neighbourhood

Downtown London is filled with beautiful parks, unique shopping, some of London’s best restaurants, endless entertainment options, and nightlife. It’s also another transit hub and is where the Via Rail station is located.

Hamilton Road Neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is located right next to downtown. It’s well known for the post WWII homes and the increidbly unique Tree Trunk Tour, which features custom art carved out of tree trunks.


Kensington Village Neighbourhood

The majority of this neighbourhood is residential, with Cheryhill Mall and Wharncliffe at Riverside providing the retail areas to the neighbourhood. Cavendish Park has walking trails and stunning views of Thames River.


Midtown Neighbourhood

The London Police Service headquarters is located in Midtown. This neighbourhood is located in between downtown and Old East Village. There are a number of apartments and three-story walk-ups in Midtown.


North Talbot Neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is well known for its incredible restaurants and shops located down Richmond Row. There are beautiful Victorian homes in this neighbourhood as well as apartment buildings.


Old East Village Neighbourhood

This area has been revitalized within the past few years and is known as an Ontario Heritage Conservation District due to much of the historic buildings in the area. The most notable place in this neighbourhood is the Western Fair which holds the farmer’s market on weekends.


Old North Neighbourhood

Old North is made up of a mix of retirees, students, and families. There are plenty of great parks in this neighbourhood, but one notable aspect is the incredible hill for tobogganing in the winter in Doidge Park.


Old South Neighbourhood

Old South, which is home to Wortley Village, is one of the most coveted neighbourhoods for those who love the unique architecture of older homes. These homes are known for their stunning brickwork, fancy details, and spacious front porches. This neighbourhood has a small-town feel to it as it’s a friendly and welcoming place where many families live.


Oxford Park Neighbourhood

Oxford Park is known for its luxuriously large lots and friendly neighbours. Downtown, including the Covent Garden Market and Budweiser Gardens, is just a 20-minute walk from his neighbourhood.


Piccadilly Neighbourhood

Piccadilly is another neighbourhood that has beautiful historic homes with large porches. It has a couple of grocery stores and some cafes in the area. Piccadilly Park is the main feature that it’s known for.


Riverforks Neighbourhood

As its name suggests, Riverforks is nestled in between two forks of the Thames River. Easy access to the Thames Valley Parkway and the picturesque views of the river make this a beautiful neighbourhood to live in.


Rowntree Neighbourhood

Rowntree is known for Victoria Hospital and the Thames Valley Children’s Centre inside of it. It also has Spikes Indoor Beach Volleyball. There are some smaller apartment buildsings, townhomes, and single detached houses in this area.


SoHo Neighbourhood

SoHo (which stands for South of Horton) has some areas that are awaiting redevelopment. There are single detached houses and mid-sized apartment buildings here. There is a commercial area along Wellington and Horton with shops, businesses, restaurants, and cafes.


St. George-Grosvenor Neighbourhood

Large, historic homes and beautifuly, mature trees are what most people think of when they think of St. George-Grosvenor. Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care at St. Joseph’s is one of the most notable buildings in this neighbourhood, as well as Gibbon’s Park.


The Coves Neighbourhood

The Coves neighbourhood is most well known for the ESA located within it (which is called The Coves, and is what the neighbourhood is named after). Inside of this neighbourhood, which is made up of a mix of housing styles, types, and sizes, there is also the Cove Mobile Home Park which is full of friendly faces and incredibly affordable housing options.


The Smoke Stack District

The Smoke Stack District gets its name from the old, historic industrial buildings, smokestacks, and train tracks. Oakland Avenue Park is the main park in this neighbourhood.


Woodfield Neighbourhood

Woodfield has many beautiful vintage-styled and historic houses. It’s within walking distance to Richmond Row, Downtown, and even Old East Village shopping. Victoria Park is one of this neighbourhood’s main draws and is a place where many Londoners gather during festival season and around the winter holidays for ice skating and to take in the beautiful Christmas lights.


Southeast London


Argyle Neighbourhood

Argyle is actually a large neighbourhood that has multiple smaller neighbourhoods inside of it.


Fairmont Neighbourhood

Fairmont is known for the two major water features: Thames River and Pottersburg Creek. There is a commercial area on Hamilton Road and a business section at Trafalgar and Highbury. Fairmount Park has a large oak forest and beautiful walking paths.


Glen Cairn Woods Neighbourhood

Glen Cairn Woods is a residential neighbourhood that is home to The Pond Mills London Public Library branch and the Glen Carin Community Centre.


Hale Street District Neighbourhood

The homes in Hale Street District range from homes built in the early to late 1900s. One of the landmarks in this neighbourhood is the Trinity United Church and Community Centre, which is where many community events are held. The northern part of Kiwanis Park is located in the neighbourhood.


Nelson Park Neighbourhood

Nelson Park is made up of many affordable housing solutions such as duplexes, townhouses, three-story walk-ups, and even a mobile home park. There are also single detached homes here as well.


Pond Mills Neighbourhood

Those who commute often love the convenient and easy access to the 401 in Pond Mills. It also has access to the beautiful Westminister Ponds. Single-detached homes, townhouses, and some smaller apartments make up the residential areas.


Pottersburg Neighbourhood

Argyle Mall is located in Pottersburg. There are also two large parks here: Kiwanis and East Lions. There are a lot of single-family homes as well ask walk-up apartments, duplexes, and row housing.


Summerside Neighbourhood

Summerside is a great location for the active. It’s close to Meadowlily Woods and the City Wide Sports Complex. This neighbourhood is mostly made up of newer detached homes but there are a few townhouses in the mix as well.


The Gorhamclarke Triangle Neighbourhood

This small triangular neighbourhood has River East Optimist Park in its center and is also close to Kiwanis Park South links up with the Thames Valley Parkway. The London District Christian Secondary School is also located within this neighbourhood.


Trafalgar Heights Neighbourhood

The most notable structure within Trafalgar Heights is the Marconi Club, which is a fantastic club for Italian-Canadians and has a private soccer field and hosts dances, dinners, and evets throughout the year.


Westminster Neighbourhood

The Westminster Optimist Park, which has an outdoor pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, play structure, and a soccer field, is located within this neighbourhood. It’s also within walking distance of White Oaks Mall and major shopping centers.


Southwest London


Berkshire Village Neighbourhood

Located close to Civic Gardens and Westmount Mall, Berkshire is a convenient location as it’s also just a short drive to the downtown core. The Berkshire Club in the middle of the neighbourhood serves as a bit of a community center and holds many events and activities.


Bostwick Neighbourhood

Bostwick has rapidly grown in the past few years and has a bustling and lively commercial plaza. The local Greek community is at home here with the Hellenic Community Centre and the Greek Orthodox Church being located here.


Byron Neighbourhood

Byron often is characterized as feeling like a small town within the city. In the warmer weather residents take to patios. Byron is where Springbank Park and Storybook Gardens is located, which is an amazing place for families and young ones.


Cleardale Neighbourhood

Cleardale is home to Earl Nichols Recreation Centre, which has a skating rink, and the Highland Woods Park, which has a beautiful nature trail. This neighbourhood is made up of attached houses, single-detached houses, condo complexes, and even some apartment buildings.


Cranbrook Neighbourhood

Cranbrook has both older and newer homes in the mix. There is a good mix of home types and styles. Westmount Mall is in the neighbourhood and hosts businesses, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. It’s also a transit hub in the city.


Highland Neighbourhood

Highland is mostly made up of single-detached homes, although there are also townhouses and larger apartments. There is a commercial hub here and Mitches Park is the main park, which has a full-sized soccer field, a tennis court, play structure, and even a running track.


Kensal Park Neighbourhood

Bungalows make up the majority of homes in Kensal Park. The homes often have large driveways and shady, mature trees. There is a commercial plaza on Springbank in this neighbourhood. The main park, aptly named Kensal Park, connects to the Thames Valley Parkway.


Lambeth Neighbourhood

Lambeth is another one of those neighbourhoods in London that feels like its own small town. It has a charming Main Street that has mom and pop shops that make you want to sit and stay awhile.


Lockwood Park Neighbourhood

Lockwood Park is a convenient neighbourhood. There are two commercial plazas in the neighbourhood and it’s also located quite close to White Oaks Mall. It’s a very family-filled neighbourhood with older detached homes, townhouses and apartments.


Longwoods Neighbourhood

Longwoods is one of the newer developments within the south side of London. It has a commercial hub within it and is also close to White Oaks Mall. The main park is Paul Haggis Park.


Manor Park Neighbourhood

Tucked in just south of the core of London, this beautiful neighbourhood is nestled between The Coves and Southcrest Ravine. Most of the houses are bungalows, with newer more modern houses being built throughout. There are also a few smaller apartment buildings.


Southcrest Neighbourhood

Southcrest is home to Southcrest Park in the middle of the neighbourhood. It has an outdoor pool, a wading pool, a play structure, and even baseball diamonds. There are single detached homes, a few apartment buildings and some townhouses here.


Talbot Village Neighbourhood

Talbot Village has two parks: Raleigh Parkette and Talbot Park. There is also the Talbot Village Wetlands in the middle of the neighbourhood. There is a commercial plaza in this neighbourhood as well.


Westmount Neighbourhood

Westmount is a large neighbourhood that is family-friendly. There are plenty of parks in this neighbourhood, including the Jesse Davidson Park that has a spray pad and fields. Westmount Mall is also located in this neighbourhood, which hosts the Cineplex Odeon, which has the VIP cinemas.


White Oaks Neighbourhood

White Oaks is filled with single-family homes, attached homes, townhouses, and apartments. White Oaks Mall is located in the neighbourhood, as well as the Jalna Library Branch. There are plenty of parks, including a skatepark, and convenient shopping plazas throughout the neighbourhood.

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